Highway 66, free and sexy jslottery

[Highway 66] free and sexy bloom???? about Highway 66, presumably is a road that the two most fire, for car enthusiasts, what road can not go, it must be the No. 66 highway. The first known Highway 66 is in a film called "cars" cartoons, Radiator Springs inside is the most realistic portrayal of highway 66. ??? if there are people who do not know what the road 66? I can only say that she is the modern history of the United States, a mother’s way. ????? Highway 66 is a deserted street, is a built in 1926, opened in 1938 1985, because the surrounding more spacious more prosperous "highway" appears gradually deserted, even once forgotten, in 1990 because of too much of the world finally realized not the betrayal again to the "Route 66" on a map, from Chicago to Losangeles, the legendary "great street", is a microcosm of the history of American pioneer, is the freedom of spiritual sustenance, is the representative of car culture. ? she crossed the Mississippi river twists and turns to the other side of the old stone Lianqiao, through the 192 meter high Saint Louis arch, in a straight road, the sky line, except when the rusty signs to guide you, look at the time not a car in sight, when listen to the wind in the wheat, hope a summit, thinking had witnessed Highway 66 as much as the song as a moving story, now cry but rather to crack from all sides only a silent thunder, it shows that a still very desolate barren. ????? – my link in the RV self driving, this road is our best. When the sunset with you all the way forward a special feeling of feeling without words. In the face of this legendary road, I accompanied a small partner can not suppress the excitement of the heart, so in the vast quiet road on the interpretation of the sexy bloom side. The "STOP" logo in the setting sun is just like a beautiful landscape. ? there is a gap on the side of the road, so we turned in, in a vast and desolate barren wilderness in the elongated figure we allow. ? on the roadside to watch the sunset is a beautiful????? Highway 66 is the most distinctive and not along the way there are many beautiful scenery along the way, but all were prosperous town, now the town still retains the original appearance, but more is to sell travel souvenirs. There are so many small towns along the way, I always think my luck is better, when I was driving on the road 66, a lot of time is such a gray sky. The rational use of ultra wide angle as well as in the gray gradient mirror, the sky clouds can better set off the whole scene, the gray gradient is able to put the exposure of the dark days, the brightness of the ground unchanged. ????? pickup in the United States is especially popular, often look at the way a pickup truck with a car trailer, then just take one family house to travel. ??????相关的主题文章: