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Holiday tourism, with "civilization" of Anhui channel — original title: holiday tourism, with "civilization" of the National Day holiday just past, sun drying beauty, delicacy has become a hot topic these days. The legal holiday every year, is not only the "golden age" of the tourism market, but also a test of the quality of tourists. In today’s era of mass tourism, visitors can keep up with the level of civilization in the rapid growth of tourism? Civilization tourism consciousness should be gradually formed during the national day, a young couple regardless of "no description" signs that will use the key names on the Great Wall brick wall, the behavior of the two friends sparked anger. According to reports, there are many scenic spots around the uncivilized tourism behavior. During the tourist season, the phenomenon of uncivilized tourism always appear in people’s vision from time to time. On the whole, however, the uncivilized behavior of tourism has decreased a lot compared with the previous two years, and many tourists began to pay more attention to their behavior in the journey. "This year’s national day in Tiananmen square about 110 thousand people watched the flag raising ceremony, but the phenomenon of litter decreased significantly than in previous years." Beijing sanitation group staff introduction. Some experts have suggested that some tourism uncivilized behavior, because of the "out of the door, no one knows, can relax the psychological; and some are out of unconscious behavior, some bad habits to the journey. Therefore, we should strengthen the guidance and propaganda, and gradually establish the awareness of tourists. "Civilized tourism awareness needs to be gradually developed, with the continuous expansion of the scale of tourism in China, more and more attention has been paid to the norms of civilized behavior and the norms of tourism practice." Liu Simin, Deputy Secretary General of the Beijing Tourism Association believes that uncivilized behavior is a minority, to solve this problem is to strengthen social education, improve the quality of the people. Civilized tourism environment to all parties to promote the construction of civilized tourism environment, the relevant departments and all over the country to take a number of measures. In June this year, known as the new tourism "blacklist" of "tourism uncivilized behavior record management procedures" officially released, the scope of supervision from the tourists to expand the tourism industry, the punishment and the restrictive measures taken on uncivilized behavior and tourism market chaos more serious. Currently, there are 24 tourists and tourism practitioners on the list". In order to strengthen the positive guidance of civilization civilized tourism, many theme tourism activities carried out during the National Day holidays from Jiangxi Tourism Commission in WeChat, micro-blog to carry out the sun "civilized travel" series of activities carried out in Qinghai; cultural tourism, integrity management as the main theme of the publicity and education activities, and guide the tourists of Penglaige in Shandong province; through the scenic area, warm broadcast to remind visitors civilized travel. Experts said, advocating civilized travel need multi force, to constantly improve the relevant laws and regulations, but also to strengthen the education and guidance, the rigid constraints and positive advocate both, even if not civilization were punished, and the civilization consciousness internalized in the heart of tourists. (reporter Lu Yuanzhen) (commissioning editor Guo Yu and Ma Lingling)相关的主题文章: