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Expert: " " Hong Kong Independence; illegal bad for Hong Kong this way. The anti secession applicable everywhere – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing, November 1 (reporter Chen Jianxing, Chavin ye, Liu Huan) Hongkong Legislative Council members elect some long ago in the oath when openly advocating "Hong Kong Independence" and insulting the country people, and then to Taiwan and Taiwan independence forces collusion activities, to severe criticism from all walks of life in Hongkong was rampant. The Xinhua News Agency reporter interviewed a number of experts before exposing Hong Kong Independence to violate the law, the scourge of Hongkong, nature and harm to distort history and hurt the national feelings, pointed out that the anti secession is a universally applicable international axiom, Hong Kong Independence will forever be a dead end. Hong Kong Independence is a legal challenge Research Institute of Guangdong Hong Kong development the chaos of Law School of Zhongshan University, Professor Guo Tianwu pointed out that Hongkong is under the jurisdiction of the People’s Republic of China Special Administrative Region SAR Legislative Council behavior must comply with the national constitution and the basic law provisions and requirements, which is the most basic bottom line. Individual members elect by the oath of office for Hong Kong Independence endorsement, a serious violation of the Constitution and the basic law, more challenges, violated the sovereignty and security of the bottom line. Peking University of Hong Kong and Macao research center executive director Shigong pointed out, the basic law of Hongkong according to the People’s Republic of China constitution, the preface in clear Hongkong since ancient times is China territory. The Constitution and the basic law for the constitutional foundation of Hongkong, Hong Kong Independence is clearly a serious violation of the Constitution and the basic law. A bit of common sense knows that Hongkong could not from China independence "Hong Kong Independence" is never a dead end." Shigong said that it did not condone a handful of Hong Kong Independence molecule acts recklessly, because "the real harm Hong Kong Independence lies in its constant tearing Hongkong society, seriously undermine the harmony and stability of Hongkong, and the intention to provoke tensions between Hongkong and the mainland people. He pointed out that all walks of life in Hongkong and the general public should be aware that, if the Hong Kong Independence chaos, the resulting consequences will be borne by the entire community of Hongkong. Resolutely oppose and curb the Hong Kong Independence, to defend the national constitution and the basic law of the dignity and authority, but also to safeguard the overall interests of Hongkong, while Hongkong’s harmony and stability and prosperity is also related to the interests of the state. Guo Tianwu pointed out that from several members elect and visible, they are not patriotic, do not love Hong Kong, Hong Kong people abandoned the entrusted responsibility expense, hold "Hong Kong Independence" position wantonly chaos in Hong kong. A small number of "Hong Kong Independence" elements to incite separatism, the challenge is not only the law, but also the interests of Hongkong compatriots. As everyone knows, after the country’s reform and opening up, especially since the return of Hongkong to the motherland, the relationship between Hongkong and the mainland closer exchanges and cooperation in many aspects of economic, social and cultural development, the formation of acommunity fusion win-win situation. Hongkong and the mainland is closely related to the fate of the community, inseparable. Therefore, for the "Hong Kong Independence", the law can not, the mainstream public opinion in Hongkong will not agree. "Hong Kong Independence" distort history is the harm of the nation Guo Tianwu pointed out that "Hong Kong Independence" molecular manipulation of the so-called "local consciousness", cannon.相关的主题文章: