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Hong Kong to win Chinese runner up Erickson to lock the Hulk comeback Erickson attended the pre match press conference sina sports news Beijing time on October 30th, the last round of the Super League will be started, Shanghai port will return home court against Hebei china. This afternoon, the Hong Kong team appeared in the Shanghai stadium, to adapt to the venue before the training. Sun Xiang, chief executive of the upper reaches of the harbor with the General Assembly attended the pre match press conference, Erickson. For the preparation of a war tomorrow, Hong Kong boss Erickson said: "Hulk is looking forward to be able to return, such as specific to training today in order to have 100% positive news." Last week the home court and Shandong Luneng game left thigh strain Hulk, this week has been in the rehabilitation division under the leadership of Eduardo training. Today there is no separate training Hulk, but from the beginning it has been training with the team, only in the leg with bandages on the protection. The final day of the season, perhaps the Hulk did not want to miss. The training field on the Hong Kong team today to two tomorrow can not play on the Hong Kong team, who is currently injured first, and 2016 second half of the season on loan at Zhu Zhengrong Meizhou hakka. It is reported that the card next week will travel to the United States to continue the rehabilitation training, the team he will say goodbye to yesterday temporarily, a home in Shanghai invited teammates. Tomorrow a war, for the port of Shanghai, as long as can beat Hebei Huaxia happiness in the home court, the team will clinch the league ranking of third, as a member of the team, who do not want to miss the last battle, Zhu Zhengrong and so on, hole card players, even can not play, are also eager for the team to get three points scored the 2016 season of Super League runner up. (tiger)相关的主题文章: