Hong Mingfu to win, no matter who the rival is ready for Hulk (video)-kasey chase

Hong Mingfu: to win both opponents who are ready to battle the Hulk [] Jianye take Greentown 3-0 key 3 shot Ramon Gaby volley home Tencent sports news September 17th Sunday evening, Hangzhou Greentown will be in the home court against Shanghai on Hong Kong, this is a very crucial relegation battle for greentown. At a press conference, Hangzhou Greentown boss Hong Mingfu said: "it is not for a long time in the Huanglong game, here now for the new one, now nearing the end of the next league, every game is important. We have to fight to win." Greentown goalkeeper Zou Dehai attended the press conference, he said: "we have to go all out to play the game, to advance echelon successfully." For the last round of the League injured Zou Dehai, Hong Mingfu said: now there should be no problem. At first, I was injured, but now I’m back in the game." Before the battle, Greentown club does not want to give the players too much pressure, a high-level club, said: "the situation is grim, the more we can not woebegone, should have a positive and optimistic attitude to face the back of the game." Greentown coach Hong Mingfu in the mid autumn festival day at noon, Greentown team in Thailand base restaurant of the Mid Autumn Festival dinner, the dinner also conducted the draw, prizes are very rich, from the apple 7 to self bar, "everyone has the prize". Greentown foreign aid Ramon took the prize Apple 7, Greentown regard this as a harbinger of good luck will be the goal of the Ramon. In addition to the Mid Autumn Festival Greentown still open class, let the fans to the Thai team base and spend the Mid Autumn Festival, all the fans do not need to register in advance, as long as willing to be to Thailand base to watch the open class. A reporter at the press conference asked the port of Shanghai strong foreign aid Hulk, Hong Mingfu said: "he is a very powerful foreign aid, the strength is adequate, the left foot is very good, we have to know in advance guard him, which was fully prepared." "The importance of the game who knows, this time every points for our relegation are key. No matter who we are, what we want is to win the opponent." Hong Mingfu knows the meaning of the game. This week Hong Mingfu more exercise of the defensive tactics, he knows there is a very strong attack on the Hong Kong and Shanghai, South Korea in the league defeat from AFC Champions League, Shanghai port is certainly expected in the League back face. This game AFC Champions League League in the absence of El Kessen et al can play, so the game has Greentown difficult fully prepared. After the armistice, Hangzhou Greentown has been poor performance, Hong Mingfu said: we have done a lot of preparation. After the League intermission disrupted the rhythm, the players will have some impact, but we will try to adjust the state." (Xu Yi)相关的主题文章: