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How important is the army that the Central Military Commission has just set up? Yesterday, the Central Military Commission, the joint logistics force was established, the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping, to a joint logistics base under the jurisdiction of the army and the five joint logistics center awarded. The Xi Jinping to the Wuhan logistic base commander Li Shisheng, political commissar of the Yin Zhihong award. As the saying goes: "An army marches on its stomach". A unit of the armed forces to fight and win the war, cannot do without effective logistics. In fact, Chinese people’s Liberation Army security forces first called "logistics", not only has the General Logistics Department and the various branches of the armed forces and military forces, also have their own logistics department. With the development of military construction, and later the "joint". From the "logistics" to "logistics", now and then to the joint logistics force, which is not the same? What is the significance of our army to carry out such reform? Interpretation: a joint logistics force is how a force? Xi Jinping stressed that the implementation of the joint logistics joint logistics force is the main force to protect and support the battle strategy, is an important part of modern military power system China characteristics. What is the joint logistics forces how a power? What role can be played? The three big change with the new leadership and command system to adapt to the new and the establishment of joint logistics force is established in order to adapt to the new system of leadership and command, the army, is a strategic rear base before the original military joint logistics distribution logistics power converted to. Changes in name, affiliation and nature. In the name, called the joint logistics force. This is according to this round of military leadership and command system, promote the development of the PLA, to enrich, synthesis, multifunction, flexible direction, integration of forces, combat, the joint logistics force into prominent logistics combat support functions, and the management and control of the use of force. The membership of the Central Military Commission, the joint logistics units under Organizational leadership. With the previous military area under the system of joint logistics force, mainly to military leaders, the joint logistics force has strategic attributes, it is assumed the joint logistics and strategic and operational support main force to protect the. In nature, it is suitable for joint operations, which is the combination of logistics support. This force does not belong to any services, but the services are to provide protection. That is to say, I in all branches of the general materials and general service are mainly responsible for the joint logistics services and logistics forces; special safeguard, is mainly composed of the military logistics force, self protection, the establishment of such a relationship, have successfully carried out joint operations, joint training, joint security requirements, and can adapt to the combat power of reform, the formation of Chinese characteristics of modern military system. Reading two: what is the significance of the establishment of the joint logistics force? Military reform is an important part of   give full play to the establishment of a new joint logistics force of military fighting force, is an important part in this round of reform. As an important part of military reform, the reform and the army’s combat system Kay相关的主题文章: