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How the fall of supplementing calcium, VD? See this enough – Sohu survived the maternal fed milk, anorexia in the summer, this time the baby was a long eat? Can the autumn sunshine time becomes shorter, the baby’s outdoor activities became less and less light to let the body for the synthesis of VD opportunity is less, so the beginning of autumn, calcium is hot topic again. Indeed, until the autumn winter, supplementing calcium, VD still have a good grasp. First of all, the milk to drink enough calcium, is always in the hearts of Chinese mothers pain points and concerns. In fact, at the current feeding level, normal children rarely have pure calcium intake, whether breast milk, milk powder, baby Rice noodles, eat enough calcium, has the baby, the source of calcium enriched. So, I don’t worry, rushing to the factory to send money ah. Milk is the best source of calcium. How much milk to drink every day to meet the needs of calcium? Under the age of 1, milk accounted for 13 – 12 of the proportion of baby food intake over the age of 1, to 400-600ml a considerable amount of milk or milk products 2~6, dairy products over the age of 6 ~ 300-400ml of adult milk or equivalent, at least 300ml of milk or the equivalent amount of dairy milk can if good habits adhere to the adult life will benefit. 1 years old above the standard is not high, arrange three meals properly can drink. For example, Jo in 1 and a half years old, one day early in the evening of three meals a milk + yogurt; now more than 3 years old, every morning and evening milk, add in the afternoon a yogurt. Treasure the mother baby according to the schedule, every child can drink milk. If you do not like to drink milk or lactose intolerance in children, try yogurt (homemade best), cheese, is also a high-quality source of calcium. As long as the guarantee of dairy products intake enough, do not worry about the child calcium deficiency. In addition to a high calcium food, we can give the child to eat some high calcium food, as follows (calcium content per 100 grams): whole milk: milk: milk calcium content of 120 mg: 1030 Mg (flushing after dilution): 590 mg yogurt cheese: 140 milligrams of soy products: soy: 367 mg North tofu: Tofu: 240 mg to 777 mg of Southern seafood: floss: 3970 mg shrimp: 2000 mg small shrimp: 882 mg 348 mg: kelp seaweed: 264 mg other: sesame sauce: 870 mg fungus: 247 mg celery: 187 mg 119 mg of peanut: you see, in addition to milk, the calcium content of so many things are high, they are very good Sources of calcium. For example, soy products, kelp, seaweed, black fungus, sesame, you can give the baby to add some uniform. People of all ages need calcium every day, looked a little dizzy. Note: children: 1~13 years old boy: 14~17 years old reference: Chinese Nutrition Society, "Chinese residents dietary reference intakes" Q相关的主题文章: