How To Build An Avalanche Of Motivation, Passion And

Self-Improvement Building motivation doesn’t happen overnight – Often times it works much like how an avalanche does. First, you start with a trickle of snow flowing. Then that snow causes a larger flow of snow, and before you know it the whole thing is cascading at an incredible speed. A lot of people feel guilty for not being super fired up and motivated at all times of day. But real motivation often isn’t built up that way. Instead, it’s built one step at a time – One snowflake at a time – Until the motivation, passion and drive cascade. Here’s how to build your avalanche of motivation. ==> Start with Taking Small Actions Start by taking small actions. What’s one thing you can do right now to take you closer to your goal? Let’s say you want to build an eBay business that earns $10,000 a month. But you have a full time job and a child to look after, leaving you very little time to work on your business. Often by the time you get back home from work, you’re exhausted. You hardly feel motivated enough to put any work into your project. Whenever you’re feeling unmotivated, ask yourself this one question: What’s one action I can take right now? Take that action. Even if it’s something that just takes ten minutes, take that action. ==> Building Momentum with Actions, Then Results After taking that small action, keep asking yourself the same question: "What’s one action I can take right now?" After taking your first action, you’ll often feel more in the groove and motivated enough to take another action. As you consistently take action, you’re bound to begin to see results. Seeing results can in and of itself create a lot of motivation. Back to our example, if you wanted to build an eBay business making $10,000 a month, how do you think you’ll feel once the business is earning $2,000? You’ll probably be fired up and super excited. You’re not at your goal yet, but the results are showing and you know it can work. You’ll have no trouble whatsoever .ing up with motivation. Results build motivation. But to get your first trickle of results, you need to start taking small actions. Don’t pressure yourself to put in more energy than you realistically can if you don’t have the motivation yet. Start with small, manageable actions. ==> The Avalanche Effect The most difficult part of building motivation is taking the first few steps. Once you get in the habit of taking action and seeing small results, your results will power your motivation. The "avalanche effect" will .e once you get to the point where feeling motivated just doesn’t take any effort at all anymore. Any new venture, whether it’s a new relationship, a new sport or a new business is bound to feel difficult and possibly unmotivating in the beginning. Give it time and steady effort however and the passion and motivation will build up. The key is taking steady action, no matter how small, until you get to that point. About the Author: – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: