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Leadership What does it take to be.e a good leader? What are the traits that set leaders apart from those who just follow the pack? Are leaders born or made? These questions may plague a high school kid who is about to run for school presidency, or an employee who has just been promoted to a supervisory position. Even those who are about to be.e first time parents have secretly asked themselves questions about the new leadership role that they are going to have to play in their child’s life. If you examine closely, you will discover that leaders tend to share some .mon characteristics, whether they lead in their sports team, at the work place, or at school. They tend to have something that sets them apart from the others. This is called leadership quality. But before you be.e a leader, you must first develop your leadership skills. Earn the respect of your peers by leading through example. Follow what you preach. What better way to lead others than by setting an example. The best way for a leader to earn the respect of their peers is by showing that they work hard and put in a lot of effort into what they do. Most of all, they show their dedication to getting the job done. Be an inspiration to others. It is important for leaders to be able to effectively work with others. Leaders must possess excellent .munication skills. This involves not only being able to express their vision and .municate what needs to be done; but also, leaders must know how to listen. They have to be able to appease the concerns of those they are leading. They also have to earn their trust, and be considerate to their needs. The ability to lead and work well with others is especially crucial when applied to a working environment. Leaders have to know how to motivate their employees, and get them to do what needs to be done. Read books on how to be.e an effective leader. Those who want to be.e efficient leaders have to invest their time in reading motivational books. There are hundreds and hundreds of instructional, motivational, how to books and videos dedicated to the topic of leadership. This is a great place to pick up tips on effective leadership. Also, those motivational stories might .e in handy for those one on one pep talk that sometimes leaders need to conduct. Emulate the leaders you look up to. Try to think of two or three leaders you admire, and assess the reason why you look up to these leaders. Try to learn as much as you can about their lives. Find out what traits and quality they possess that made them such effective and influential leaders. See if you have learned anything about the great deeds of these people that you can incorporate into your own leadership style. Attitude is everything. Leaders do not give up. They go on, even though the odds are stacked against them. They do not get easily fazed when confronted by setbacks and crises. They do this by being optimistic, maintaining a positive attitude, and showing their strength through perseverance. By doing so, they be.e inspirational figures to others. a leader is not always a choice; sometimes, it is born out of necessity. Practically anyone has the potential to be.e a leader given the opportunity, proper training, and the right set of circumstances. Leadership skills can be developed; it is just a matter of having some discipline and dedication. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: