Hualin securities Valet stocks without the tragic loss of commission received more than one million

Hualin securities Valet stocks without the tragic loss of commissions to customers more than one million original title: Hualin securities broker stocks tragic loss of wealth management transformation strategic setback? Editor’s note: as a wealth management agency, this should be to help customers increase the value of the assets, the results not only did not increase the value, but also pit customers. Such wealth management institutions, I am afraid that only the customer can vote with their feet. Recently, the Beijing Times reported that Hualin securities staff Valet stocks, not only a loss of 15 million, it is allowed to raise customer account securities trading commissions, and high-frequency trading, trading volume of securities accounts of nearly 1 billion 700 million yuan, many customers trading commissions of more than a million yuan. Subsequently, Hualin securities is in the official website announced that the valet stocks caused by customer losses seriously inconsistent with the facts, but did not provide further evidence materials and events. The "pit" Hualin securities customers said that the statement did not mention his commission and Valet trading behavior, hope that the authorities can intervene in the investigation. A review of the history of Hualin securities, which had previously consecutive years of turmoil, 2011 with Xue Rongnian as the representative of the "green line" to marry, Hualin securities once called the "little peace", once made up Hualin securities underwriting business short board. But Xue Rongnian in 2013 for Edmond branch fraud by the Commission to revoke the qualification after the "green line" out of Hualin securities. A year later, Hualin securities wealth management center issued recruitment number up to 420 people in the recruitment notice and the transition to wealth management center, aims to provide a comprehensive capital market, including the market value management for high net worth clients and investors in the enterprise solutions. The valet stock problems, or also exposed problems in its wealth management oversight. On these issues, Chinese Economic Net call Hualin securities intends to interview the relevant person in charge, but the relevant staff need to transfer the real name system refused. Valet stocks losses 15 million times increase rate of commission according to the Beijing Times reported on September 3, 2014, customer Ms. Zhang in the old classmate Mr. ho introduced to Dongguan, Hualin securities Tong Fu Street business department to open capital account newly opened securities account, signed a proxy agreement in agreed commission rate of 2/10000. In January 14, 2015, Mr. Cai Hualin securities to customers with a new business department to open capital account open a securities account, signed a proxy agreement, verbal agreement commission rate of 2/10000. Mr. Choi and Ms. Zhang is a husband and wife relationship, Ms. Zhang and mr.. Broke the news that, in view of trust, Mr. Cai and Zhang did not check the commission fee in the course of the transaction. Until the end of November 2015, found that two people account when initial commission rate is set to five and four million, and appears several times during the high commission phenomenon, and two per capita in the two people from the business department after the account has not been, have not signed the relevant commission amendment form. It is understood that the securities and exchange commission rate hike provide relevant documents in bid request Mr. Ho, Ho pictures provide first of Mr Cai "Commission set application form" at the beginning of December 2015, according to the commission rate from 3 per thousand to 0.8 per thousand, due to frequent transactions, photos only half a page, not included in the commission the date of application information. In addition, explosion.相关的主题文章: