I have skin care during pregnancy, should pay attention to these matters of maternal – Sohu kimi wo omou melodi

I have skin care during pregnancy, should pay attention to these matters – maternal Sohu for women without ethics is an important phase in which skin care. Beauty is the nature of every woman, but during pregnancy, the beauty of women can pay more attention to, and not because of the beauty of the use of skin care products and the impact of the baby’s health. On the market, many adults use skin care products, in order to better achieve the effect of skin beauty, almost all add alcohol, mineral oil, dyes, heavy metals, hormones, chemical sunscreen and other components, and these components will affect the sensitive skin during pregnancy, for treasure treasure, the harm is very big. Therefore, pregnant women to stop the use of such skin care products. Especially some special effects, such as whitening, freckle, acne, oil, sunscreen and other skin care products are not used anymore. For pregnant women, in order to skin health, should choose to protect the health of pregnant women with special skin care products. This type of skin care products are usually "makeup food homology" skin care concept, the selection of raw materials is also healthy, with nourishing moisturizing effect. There is no harm to the health of pregnant women and babies. Many people will ask, is the composition of natural skin care products pregnant women can use it?. A lot of natural plant ingredients with poor skin affinity, high sensitivity, easy to cause poor skin absorption, and even cause skin allergies. It is not suitable for pregnant women, especially vulnerable and sensitive. And this kind of special milk lubicating pregnant women skin care products, skin care ingredients of traditional material, not only the safety of affinity, effectiveness of care can also be guaranteed. But it is worth noting that not all natural skin care products can be used, should be judged according to their own circumstances. Select easily absorbed by the skin, and suitable for their skin. In the choice of skin care products, women must be careful. During pregnancy, the beauty of the treasure the mother can take good care of yourself, and take good care of the baby! If you don’t identify products, don’t make the best use of.相关的主题文章: