I have the position I am proud of daily after 00 have embarrassed Tucao object incubus

I have the position I am proud of daily Tucao: 00 after embarrassed object [Sina game series, please indicate the source] destroyed three concept breaking limit no stem gathered, working day update, introduced the new thing on earth, and bring the most incisive. And best funny figure tucao! The most fresh pose as in the "Daily" embarrassed tucao! The two girl you want it — when I was young will think whether Tsinghua or Peking University on fishing in the sea level, the waiter brought a bunch of color paper can be folded against the star food money, a star arrived in 50 Fen, and no one to play mobile phone, we took the skill to race with time in life, to the sea fishing off bankruptcy. Please respect me, I’m hunting you take two steps to show respect to school just when the teacher was rushed to the corridor because of disruptive wave standing, then the principal from the corridor passing, walked to the side also shook hands with him when the wave of enthusiasm, the wave force on the ignorant, for what I thought the president of so polite. Just listen to the next president said: "the parents Hello, who do you look for?" The name of the time — not careless friendly ID, it is not easy to distribute leaflets ah, usually someone give me I will then distribute leaflets, after all, we are not easy. But now the temperature every day, go out have habitually hands in his pockets are not willing to take out, encounter distribute leaflets very tangled, shenshouqujie, pocket so warm really don’t want to reach out, do not take it, my heart sorry, if it is a man or girl is guilty. So, if you see his hands in the pocket and huddled my coming to you directly to plug my armpits like leaflets. This is a strong smell of map, but now the street is being chased not kill baked sweet potatoes are boiled with water and then baked one day, you will wait for a person to make you feel at ease, is rooted in the long johns socks that the peace of mind. Wearing a long johns, never before felt when the loading force field. The B, in the next show the white feather — trade secrets, will not be revealed in the last bus, the driver mobile phone rang, the driver has been at the intersection, when the red light, took out a mobile phone, directly press the speakerphone: "wife, I drove it, 30 seconds, you said……" The other hesitated: "hands-free you drive? Your daughter grew up, buy some delicious, buy two can fly the quilt, day and night use, so, pay attention to safety! Toot toot……" Won the Hollywood action film A San – national essence drunby, I only take A San remember when Dad carrying two fresh ceramic cylinder squeezed rapeseed oil, catch the ten in the road back to the home, crossed the threshold, sweating, can finally relax: "finally to home!" I pulled my foot and tripped him…… Later, my grandmother often recalled this, always can not help weeping, said she hadn’t heard me beaten screams, come in time, I am not in this world. Why to wear a cuckold – background attention a lot of kids today.相关的主题文章: