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In addition to Jinhua ham, most should do – Sohu of Jinhua tourism, a prefecture level city located in central Zhejiang Province, although he has many titles, such as "national historical and cultural city, one of the top ten livable city Chinese", but Jinhua is most famous for the ham, which is no doubt. No matter who you mention to Jinhua, his first reaction must be Jinhua ham. Ham, in Jinhua’s high status, to Jinhua has a ham museum. Of course, the status of ham can not shake, the first thing to come to Jinhua, of course, is to eat ham, then in addition to eat ham? You should go idle away in seeking pleasure, naturally eat after drinking, large and small area of Jinhua is not in the minority, in my mind can in the first row is Jinlin Bergamot boutique tourist park. I think I am not a person ha, with very limited knowledge and scanty information, but I really have not heard of the Buddha, and don’t talk to. When buddy said to go to the Bergamot garden, my heart is not willing to. "In my understanding, the Buddha, the Buddha’s hand, there should be some hand carved sculpture. According to this line of thought, my rejection is normal, I am to play, to come to a small minority, the majority of troops to come here, I have to give up. Half an hour by car from the Hotel Boutique tourist park Jinlin bergamot. Booking online in advance tickets, cheap ten yuan, gave sightseeing train. In the middle of the ticket office is a wooden elephant. In Southeast Asia, elephants are generally associated with the buddha. My heart secretly pleased, I guess is right. Under the efficient work of security staff, we line up a dozen people quickly through security. Enter the park, the first impression is building special features, long history, crumbling brick wall, covered with a dying vine. Left front side of the house, a stone pillar stands resolutely, hung a magnified version with gravel constitute the "coins" were used on Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean writing "in the cafeteria". Have to praise, feeling that the cafeteria is not really general: positive wall collapsed only a stone door, a small sightseeing pool exposed under the blue sky and white clouds, to reach the shore, for long history in the mill stone for your left foot, right foot, slowly enter the restaurant when came to a house, see the plant, I feel stupid. The original Buddha is a plant, determined to use Baidu Search knowledge hard cramming under. The content from the Baidu encyclopedia, if there is a coincidence in the mature fruit is similar to "the apocarpy, forming a slender curved mericarps, like fingers, named bergamot. Evergreen shrubs or small trees, up to Zhang Yu, have a hard sharp stems and leaves about 6 cm long spines, shoots three prism. Leaves alternate, oblong, transparent oil. Give birth to spend more in the axil, constant flower bundles, the male part is more, bisexual flowers, corolla five petals, white microstrip purple halo, the spring equinox to the Qingming first flowering, often male flowers, the fruit is small, one in the month before and after the beginning of summer, 9-10, fruit for medicinal, fresh skin yellow, wrinkled and shiny, top garden相关的主题文章: