In response to the winter, VR content providers have set up an alliance to concentrate on doing to B lformat

To deal with the "winter", VR content providers who founded the To B alliance to concentrate on the market – Sohu of science and technology in September 23rd, sponsored by the Internet Society Network Marketing Committee Chinese Yesky, host of "VR Partner" VR eco innovation and cooperation forum held in beijing. The event, Beijing photism network and Yesky initiated the establishment of a virtual reality developer Alliance (VR-DA), the intention is combined with other content developers, together for the B end of the market to provide services. Photism network co-founder Tian Ziyang said, the core focus in the field of vertical alliance first person games, docking through the to B terminal hardware manufacturers and software developers, content and channel sharing, enhance the competence of alliance members. Why did you choose the first person game, which he explained was derived from his own needs and development. VR is the first person to do the game itself, the hardware device in line with the first person somatosensory effect, so it is better at this aspect, do not want to do big things. When it comes to the developer alliance’s intention, Tian Ziyang believes that the current VR game developers more comfortable life, "because not what content, but less competition," the next step is to consider whether to engage in relationships". It is understood that the alliance members include the world, such as seven husky VEO content developers, a total of 20, and a variety of stand-alone game of cooperation. Tian Ziyang, members of the League first must have considerable strength, have a certain product hardware or software, the team members must have a long-term plan and the persistent development of the game will, moreover there is consistent with to B market experience of the game, finally the alliance has multi dimension game evaluation standard, to ensure the quality of the game. He also said that the core purpose of the alliance is that the game software and hardware to form a good experience. In order to better integrate software and hardware, photism also developed a background management system of double end, the system will be provided to businesses and the CP terminal, the main functions include download management, game management, user management, business management, billing management. At the same time, various types of head on the market can be achieved by accessing the SDK compatible. Online operation, the alliance will launch some VR gaming contest, regularly for the franchisee stores race, region and knockout. From this point of view, the alliance is focused on solutions for end users under the B line, undoubtedly it is considering the present situation, the entire VR industry, Tian Ziyang said, "from a business perspective, the popularity of the C end is very low, it is difficult to sell their products to thousands of households. B end of the market itself is a large amount of the market, we do is to upgrade the market, coupled with some incremental market, allowing users to experience the VR." The experience of the biggest advantage is to let the players around the world, through the Internet online warfare, which is one of the main things the union wants to do. In the C side of the market is not able to get a lot of profit when, perhaps focus on the B side of the market is a good choice for each VR startups.相关的主题文章: