In the Japanese tide model, the village of Anne demonstration, the adult flavor of the 56 paragraph -diqua

Japanese tide die Anne village demonstration, 56 adult taste outfit – Sohu last year after "Nine" in the Japanese people on Friday night in the village of Anne is not strange, as English cram countergirl, beautiful appearance and tall figure, people can not be ignored, some people say she looks like a younger version Suzuki Honami, but in Japan the fashion circle, Nakamura Ani is already a familiar face, not only for several magazine models popular, more time on the cover. Healthy wheat color, with a loose atmosphere Penghu side micro volume long hair is her signature features, her instagram has more than 10000 tracker, in addition to sharing her daily life scenes, not uploaded PW outfit, her style is not like the general Japanese girl, sweet baby wind, suitable for neat adults, taste girl as winter dress inspiration. The black coat is a classic all-match bright light body, let the winter is no longer dark Blazer easily into handsome windbreaker can create a sense of leisure formal text: JASVOGUE.TW| source: instagram@cocoannne?

日本潮模中村安妮示范,大人味的56款穿搭-搜狐   去年有追日剧《朝五晚九》的人一定对中村安妮不陌生,饰演英文补习班的柜台小姐,亮丽外型与高挑身材,让人无法忽视,更有人直说她长得像年轻版铃木保奈美,但在日本时尚圈来说,中村安妮早已是熟面孔,不仅担任多本杂志的人气模特儿,更多次登上封面。健康小麦肤色,与一头澎松大侧氛的微卷长发都是她的招牌特色,她的instagram上目前已超过万的追踪者,她除了分享日常生活花絮,也不定时上传私服穿搭,她的风格不似一般日本女孩的甜美、娃娃风,适合利落、大人味的女孩当作冬季的穿衣灵感。   黑色大衣是经典百搭            亮色点亮全身,让冬日不再暗沉            运动夹克轻松注入帅气感            风衣正式休闲都能营造            文字:JASVOGUE.TW| ?源:instagram@cocoannne相关的主题文章: