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India to achieve the largest circle the idea that drama! The financing of $300 million, the largest circle of India venture capital executives on the run away the idea that drama! The financing of $300 million, executives wages run away [hunting cloud network (micro signal: ilieyun)] month reported on August 17th (compiled: Patient) a India business platform AskMe to stop the operation of the heavy news that the entire industry is one of the earthquake. It seems that this financing $300 million, touted as the future of digital business platform overnight Unicorn enterprises will come to an end, but in fact the company’s problems already exist, the collapse is not a cold day. The company’s senior management did not uncover the truth of the business down. They have not officially announced the suspension of the company’s business, but also to the company’s employees and suppliers waiting in vain to pay and should pay the cost. This is the electricity supplier AskMe vicious cycle of the legendary case. An unnamed former AskMe executives said that when the electricity supplier industry booming in India, AskMe did not focus on the company’s business. He also said that there are good products AskMe hands, Yelp is a famous American review site, they want their products to create for Yelp in India, but they are in the middle of the company suffered from high resistance, their product plans were not professional operation, the final results did not meet them the original idea. And GetitAskMe body has a shadow of Getit Infoservices, which is more than 30 years ago to create a list of buyers and sellers to provide a list of business platform. When Astro Overseas subsidiary – Astro Entertainments Getit investment of nearly $15 million, Getit formally launched operations on Networks. In March 2013, it acquired Infomedia Yellow Pages with AskMe. In this regard, Getit want to use the hands of SMEs to establish an e-commerce platform data, called AskMe Bazaar. Getit has integrated hundreds of millions of unorganized small traders into their own platforms, which have no official catalog to guarantee, no standard price and no clear inventory. Another company’s senior employee, C, said it was not easy to train and educate the vendors how to use the online marketing platform. In fact, it was a big problem that they could not get the money in real time. These vendors do not have logistical support, so Getit had to participate in the freight process, which will undoubtedly increase the company’s spending. Mail Getit Infoservices operating AskMe’s business, and his CFO Anand Sonbhadra in August 17th sent to a specific employee e-mail has exposed the company’s financial difficulties. This email is directed to specific employees to disable the delivery and payment options on the company’s website. But the message content of the employees of the company may leak triggered panic reaction was on the verge of bankruptcy. In August 23rd, AskMe.相关的主题文章: