Inner Mongolia’s thrifty and rich dreams theme of practical activities will be held to promote the I-darren hayes

Inner Mongolia’s "frugal? Rich dream" theme of practical activities will be held to promote the Inner Mongolia channel, October 20th, the "thrifty? Rich dream" theme of practical activities will be held in Dalate’s advance. The contents of the meeting to sum up the effectiveness of the activities, exchange of experience, to promote the theme of practical activities continued to carry out. The meeting pointed out that the "thrifty? Rich dream campaign to farmers and herdsmen rich hope siful wishes and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream Chinese organic combination, to educate and guide the masses of farmers and herdsmen thrifty, entrepreneurial wealth, has important and far-reaching historical and realistic significance of mutual support, power dream force cohesion. Meeting the requirements of the current and future periods, to strengthen the overall planning, promoting the "thrifty? Rich dream" activities into throughout the great practice of winning a well-off society in an all-round way; to cultivate and practice the socialist core values as the main line through activities always; the cultivation of new farmers and herdsmen, so thrifty? People get rich dream "concept; to enhance the activities of attraction, influence, and make concerted efforts to promote the formation of" thrifty? Wealth dream "activities of a powerful force. Hohhot city and Dalate City flag banner 8 advanced and typical representative of the exchange floor. During the meeting, the delegates visited the Dalate banner Shulinzhao Town Lin Bao original village hall "vegetable logistics park, Zhao scissors paper-cut art creation base and the East China Sea and the heart of the village zhandanzhao Su Jing Quan Cun, gratifying changes have experience in the construction of new socialist countryside. (Hao Xuelian) (commissioning editor Liu Ze and Ceng Xiaoqiang)相关的主题文章: