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Intelligent lifting platform with provincial standards — Gansu channel — original title: intelligent lifting platform with the provincial standard day before, by the six Gansu construction investment group and Lanzhou Polytechnic Test Technology Co. Ltd. jointly compiled "all steel adhesion Lifting Scaffolding Safety Technical Regulations" by the provincial housing and urban construction department, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau jointly issued a document approved and issued to the local standard of Gansu province. Preparation of the technical specification for the successful launch of the province to fill the gaps in the all steel adhesive lifting scaffolding safety application specification, to further enhance the safety level of civilization construction in our province construction enterprises, to promote the province’s construction management in a scientific and standardized management of the track is of great significance. All steel attached lifting scaffolding, commonly known as "intelligent lifting platform", replacing the traditional scaffolding, construction work has many advantages, such as safety, environmental protection, fast and so on. In recent years, the province’s construction industry application of attached lifting scaffold technology more widely, from April 2015 onwards, the six construction group on the formation of experienced professional technical force, working with Lanzhou Polytechnic Test Technology Co. Ltd. joint preparation of all steel "attachment" technical specification for lifting scaffolding safety. Up to now, the GJT – 6A integrated lifting scaffold of six construction group has been successfully applied in 17 projects in Lanzhou Province, such as Tianbao comprehensive building in Lanzhou and the reconstruction project of the best urban village in the beach. (commissioning editor Gao Xiang and Zhou Wanting)

智能升降平台有了省级标准–甘肃频道–人民网 原标题:智能升降平台有了省级标准 日前,由甘肃建投六建集团和兰州理工检验技术有限公司联合编制的《全钢附着式升降脚手架安全技术规程》经省住房和城乡建设厅、省质监局联合发文批准发布为甘肃省地方标准。此项技术规程的编制发布成功填补了省内在全钢附着式升降脚手架安全应用规范方面的空白,对于进一步提升我省建筑施工企业安全文明施工水平,推动全省建筑施工管理步入科学化、标准化、规范化管理轨道具有重要意义。 全钢附着式升降脚手架俗称“智能升降平台”,其取代传统脚手架后,建筑施工作业具有安全、环保、快捷等多项优势。近年来,我省建筑施工行业应用附着式升降脚手架技术较为广泛,从2015年4月起,六建集团就组建经验丰富的专业技术力量,着手与兰州理工检验技术有限公司联合进行《全钢附着式升降脚手架安全技术规程》的编制工作。截至目前,六建集团的GJT―6A型集成式附着升降脚手架已在兰州天宝时代综合楼、兰州滩尖子城中村改造项目等17个省内项目中成功应用。 (责编:高翔、周婉婷)相关的主题文章: