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Health According to the the result of a recent American study of epidemiology, realized by a team of School of public health of Harvard, the regular consumption of fruit and vegetables would make it possible to reduce the risks of cardiovascular affections but would protect by no means from the cancer risks. For some time we are into full delirious scientific pseudo advertisements, taken again with great cries by all the media. It is true that this studies are often the fruit of expert work considered in their discipline, but unfortunately, the protocol or the scientific rigour, which should be of setting in this research, largely leaves something to be desired. Would be this the research of publicity and stardom which would push these " scientists " has to publish the result hastily; studies or of research, while following a protocol d’ the study imperfect or all least contestable. For the rest, the consensus is far to be made, and many are the scientific specialists and other colleagues, not to confirm such these decisions; they do not dispute them .plete. We published a little while ago, it would be possible, according to Dr. Richard Beliveau, Directeur of the molecular Laboratory of medicine of the Holy Justine hospital, to reduce at least 50% of cancer risks by consuming daily certain food. Here is an opinion, which however contradicts .pletely the American study. Dr. Richard Beliveau is indeed a very credible person. Professor of biochemistry to the University of Quebec in Montreal and associated professor with the physiology department at the University of Montreal, he is also confronted every day with cases of cancers within the framework of his department within the Holy Justine hospital. En wat think about Dr. Richard Beliveau: This eminent specialist issues serious reserves on the result of this study. He estimates that the parameters of research are not correctly defined and that the followed method does not take account of many very important factors, such as the effect of synergy of food, the quality of the food (geographical source and mode of culture of the food affects largely its food values). As well the same study does not take account of the general lifestyle of the subjects subjected to the study. The conclusion of Dr. Beliveau is that the epidemiological studies appear too general to conclude for a positive or null purpose, fruit and vegetables on cancer. You can consume certain food having of the protective effects against cancer, but so in addition you consume in quantities; other food much less advisable for health, it is certain that the beneficial food loses much of its protective effect. Whatever we believe almost: Everything the query might troth summarized and this: You consume additional poison or antipoison? The method inside healthy food person to consume a food rich inside protective diet, such because the fruit also to vegetables. This should protect you enjoys the fatal effects of an casual consumption of diet or factors of pollution, person able to cause a cancer. That person rather abundant enjoys the hints that a being could gaver of muck dishes also to to follow a unreasonable culture to the laws of fitness, also to to believe to consume a daylight broccoli, will place him unless enjoys many cancers or different conditions! The fact of recognizing a protective action of cancer with certain food, with fruits and vegetables, by Dr. Bliveau, is the rigorously scientific result of a search carried out of way, and because of positive tests obtained in a daily practice with patients reached of cancers. It exists recently hundreds of questions published on the protective effects of more nutrition, critical cancer. The catalog of nutrition worried lengthens dailylight. Except for this world zero is extremely pallid or extremely black, the consequence of duality of Yadditionallyally as Yang, there will engagement constantly negative questions or voices to appear to contradict anything is helpful. Our judgment: Allow us persist to follow a healthy method of living also to persist to frequently consume fruit also to vegetables of condition. Also allow us not hesitate to additionally consume diet nutrients also to supplements which will advance to strengthen the effects of an healthy diet. We guide out that it is not constantly simple, today to obtain diet of condition, also to that aggressions of the pollution of the surroundings obliges us to consume a bigger amount of protective factors. A amount which it is not constantly probable to discover inside main diet. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: