It started with UAV pizza avbox

It started with UAV pizza Elmar and Johnny Norman – the couple enjoy pizza delivery UAV stocks Sina News Beijing time on the evening of 16 CNBC, Domino’s pizza on Wednesday, the use of drones successfully a pizza delivered to New Zealand a couple of hands, this is the first time in the history of mankind no use pizza delivery machine. It said that the UAV will be sent to the pizza Elmar and Johnny Norman in Oakland, 20 miles north of the house backyard in local time on Wednesday at 11:19 in the morning, the flight time of less than 5 minutes. The company announced in August this year, has been with the UAV industry pioneer Flirtey reached a cooperation agreement, in the second half of this year launched the world’s first commercial UAV delivery service. The reason why the choice of New Zealand as a test base, is due to New Zealand in August last year, the introduction of new aviation regulations, allowing drones for commercial or recreational purposes. It is also said on Wednesday that the six market to find opportunities for UAV delivery test, including Australia, Belgium, France, Holland, Japan and germany.相关的主题文章: