It’s always the thing that hurts the child! See what you’re still doing Sohu – shishangqiyi

It’s always the thing that hurts the child! See what you’re still doing? Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting hand child: Mom, you don’t know your word, how to hurt me! Two days ago with Rui Rui to buy school supplies, went to a children’s clothing store, a mother and daughter of the dialogue attracted my attention. "How does it feel? Comfortable?" Mother said. Okay." Daughter simple answer way. Do you like the style?" Okay." "That do not buy ah?" "You decide." The mother to see her daughter for his love to ignore the way, get up at once. Shouted to her daughter: "to buy clothes for yourself, let me give you an idea, you are dead? With an enigma like, hold a word you say, I want you to have what use?!" After listening to her mother’s daughter, but quietly lowered his head, or did not say anything. Finally, the girl’s mother compromised, said: "hurry to change it, it, I can not accompany you around, and then you do not expect me to buy you things." The girl still did not say what, turned back to the dressing room, but at that moment turned, I seem to see the face of the girl drop of tears and the teeth clenched lips. As for my mother, still outside the dressing room mumbling: "bear children, like a dumb like, do not know with whom, like this, grow up will not amount to anything." Wait for a girl to change a good dress, mom after the end of the account, the two men after a. I looked at the girl down her head, her face with her mother in the face of injustice, can not help but think of his childhood. 2 tone of speech to the child, you pay attention to it? When I was a child, the mother of the mother near the boy is more, leading me to play with a bunch of mischievous ghosts. Once, we have several children carrying clubs play a "contest", everyone in the drama "killing" appearance, waving sticks. Mother saw, put my name in the past, angry and said: "are you a girl home, the boys play games all day it? After married not married? Girls have to look like a girl." I listened to my mother, but I lost a bunch of funny little friends. Later, I often read a cat at home. Once, I was watching "boys and girls" magazine, puberty well, girls always have some fantasy, did not expect to be my mother saw, directly to the confiscation of the magazine, also got angry and said: "don’t let you play with the boys, look at the men and women of boredom is the book? The energy used in the study, the results are not so now? Every girl, can not know the sense of shame." After a long period of time, my mind in my mother’s that one can know the sense of shame". Do I play with boys and read books on love?相关的主题文章: