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Jane Zhang mother hand torn son-in-law? In fact, we are more than this…… Sohu in October 8, 2016, Jane Zhang came to the marriage hearing, it was a great thing, but I did not expect 9 Zhang mother issued an open letter, direct hand tear quasi son-in-law…… Everybody circle of friends have been scraper? Today, if sister wanted to talk about it. Sort out the development of the event! The first step of the incident: Jane Zhang mother, uncle Zhang Guiying issued an open letter through uncle Zhuo, I do not want to let her daughter go wrong again. 3 Zhang mother Zhang Guiying summary, an open letter to Zhang Ma following complaints: 1, he knew nothing about the case, the company changed the name of Jane Zhang shares. 2, Feng Ke in the absence of a divorce with the Jane Zhang Association, the "three small" by the". 3, the two men have never told her mother. The conclusion is: "this man doesn’t really love my daughter." Second step: Jane Zhang’s fiance Feng Ke issued a response to the question raised by his mother, Jane Zhang, he said: 1, the company shares belonging to the joint property of husband and wife, before the company equity change is the purpose of financing, and has drawn up the accidental death of a will, if encounter an accident, after the death of the name of all heritage, all belong to Jane Zhang. 2, and Jane Zhang really does not belong to divorce when separated, because of their own reasons for Jane Zhang wronged, to apologize to all. 3, before with Zhang mother to communicate the marriage thing, has not yet begun to invite all relatives. Conclusion: "I don’t think I’ll ever find a better girl than Liangying. So I will use my life to cherish her." Third step: a mother again responded, complicated things that need to be stroked a stroke. Fourth step: Jane Zhang debut full choke, Feng Ke repeatedly came to comfort. The fifth step of the incident: Jane Zhang also issued a response to micro-blog, said: understand the mother is good for their own, but have their own lives, will communicate with her mother to explain." Feng Ke said at the same time: willing to transfer all the property to the name of Jane Zhang. The sixth step: fans broke the news Feng Ke has three small, small three or a fan of Jane Zhang. However, the gossip media firepower to find evidence of ing, but the truth is unknown. In the event the star who, many people are as pure gossip, but in truth clear before, only thinking about the existing situation, actually think carefully, in this case, we can also see some more or less common in today’s society, parents and children get along with the mode of. From the way Feng Ke and Jane Zhang: (daughter) Liangying and her mother will not communicate effectively (note is effective) (Feng Ke’s son-in-law) business, easy to add fuel to the flames in Zhang mother when he said in an interview: "you do not know in Chengdu that I almost rushed up the stage! It’s the fans who pulled me down." This shows that the marriage from the beginning, the mother is anti!相关的主题文章: