Japan in the East China Sea Forum accused the Chinese side of the East China Sea area to defend agai vstart

Japan in the East China Sea Forum accused the Chinese side of the East China Sea area to fight against the law – Sohu military channel data: Xiangshan forum group discussion site. According to the central broadcasting network reported on October 13th, the morning of October 12th, the seventh Xiangshan forum for parallel group meetings, crisis management and regional stability in the sea theme group meeting site, former Japanese air self defense force commander nagaiwa jundao denounced the Chinese zone in the East China Sea in violation of international law. In this regard, Jiang Xinfeng, Xiangshan conference delegates, Academy of Military Science in the field of tit for tat criticism. Former Japanese Air Self Defense Force Commander Jun Jun road in his speech accused China of the establishment of the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone demarcation problems, selective management also violated international law. For permanent rock jundao remarks, researcher Jiang Xinfeng Chinese Military Academy at the scene were asked to refute, "if Chinese designated sea air defense identification zone selective management, in violation of international law, then Japan in 70s will be the air defense identification zone China Diaoyu Islands in Japan, and rowed from the Chinese the coast recently only 130 kilometers, is in accordance with international law?" In the face of questions, Yong rock Jun way to avoid but don’t answer. Jiang Xinfeng said that Japan’s practice is a double standard. China should set up air defense identification zone is a very natural thing, but also reasonable and legitimate. Jiang Xinfeng pointed out that China’s Air Defense Identification Zone in the East China Sea and Japan’s air defense identification zone there is a cross area, the two sides can establish relevant mechanisms to avoid conflict. She said that there is no relevant air defense identification zone norms of international law, each country according to their own security needs of airspace delineated area. "Now China designated sea air defense identification zone, with the Japanese designated air defense identification zone. There are a lot of overlap," she explained, "because the waters of the East China Sea itself is not so wide, so in the overlapping area inside, on both sides of the tracking and anti tracking, this situation appears more". Jiang Xinfeng said that the two sides still need some restraint, there are overlapping areas, how to prevent the occurrence of some friction, but also the need to establish some mechanisms. This mechanism is now being negotiated between China and Japan, the sea is about to start in the East China Sea liaison mechanism. She pointed out that the mechanism includes not only the sea, but also airspace, this is very important". In his speech, Nagawa Jundo also accused, between China and Japan about the sea crisis control negotiations has been no progress, because China introduced territorial disputes. Jiang Xinfeng have also been asked, "at present, the Diaoyu Islands between China and Japan airspace is most likely to occur in the East China Sea where the rub, if the Sino Japanese sea airspace liaison mechanism to the Diaoyu Islands off, are not included in the scope of the negotiations, I think Japan Air liaison mechanism will be greatly reduced, I do not know what is the idea of Japan?" Permanent jundao on this rock questions also were avoided, Xinfeng Jiang researcher believes that Japan can not be avoided to solve the problem, the Diaoyu Islands airspace is an important content in the East China Sea on the establishment of the liaison mechanism. Jiang Xinfeng said that the Japanese side has not recognized the existence of sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands Dispute between China and Japan, and therefore do not want the Diaoyu islands.相关的主题文章: