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Japan’s NHK television station for Li Shishi to cancel the Dokdo Asian Cup Asian Cup opener Li Qincheng VS Zhang Xu of sina sports news Beijing time on September 2nd, the twenty-eighth Asian Cup in the first round of the first TV go fast game tournament started in Japan in Tokyo. China player Li Qincheng against Japanese veteran Zhang xu. However, from the front to get the news that Japan’s NHK television because the Korean players Li Shishi (the defending champions) in the June 30th "Dokdo (Takeshima) on the event cancelled the live cup of asia. In June 30th Li Shishi Dokdo chess in June 30th this year, South Korean players Li Shishi nine and South Korean artist Jin Changxun to join Zhang Huilian, Li See in both South Korea and Japan disputed islands Dokdo (Takeshima) to play chess, and attracted a large number of reporters reported. Li Shishi said at the time it was the second time he boarded Dokdo, hope that this game as an opportunity to "donate" culture can take root, and people pay more attention to go. But the public generally worried go have been involved in politics, especially the sensitive territorial dispute between Korea and japan. This did not cause a strong reaction from the Japanese side at the time, but it was always coming. In September 2nd twenty-eighth Asian Cup opener started, in the first time after the arrival never came the Japanese chess live, then from the front to the Japanese NHK television because "Li Shishi on Dokdo" behavior to cancel the live cup of asia. Go was involved in the political whirlpool, this time did not escape. Related reading: "Dokdo on" Li Shishi ended the next step has become the focus of Li Shishi Jin Changxun will appear Dokdo chess chess involved in the political whirlpool (Wen Xuan)相关的主题文章: