Jian Wang 2 new appointment opens September 2nd elite test countdown! incubus

Jian Wang 2 new appointment opens September 2nd elite test countdown! [Abstract] "JX online version of 2 new" will begin in September 2nd elite test! In many ways, rich design, a new martial arts arena experience waiting for you ~ Xishanju JX series of games to add a client online "JX online version of the new 2" (hereinafter referred to as the "sword net 2", and will open the new) elite test in September 2nd! Today, the official appointment in 15:00 officially opened, all interested players can first pay attention to the official WeChat (public number: jx2_xz), when you can open the appointment on the official website of WeChat to view the relevant thematic links. "Sword net 2 new biography" featuring PK touch, restore the height of the martial arts style, delicate clothing accessories, will bring to the new martial arts game player game experience. "Sword net 2" new client network game is a classic game "JX online version based on 2" (hereinafter referred to as the "sword net 2") series of action martial arts game development 2.5D RPG client game. The game has inherited the "sword net 2" many excellent design, optimize the character quality, improve the operation feeling, rich interactive play, will present a new world of martial arts for the majority of game player. Fight fight refreshing sense of explosive full "sword net 2 new" in the martial art of martial arts movements are captured by dynamic technology, the Chinese martial arts kungfu, every move as far as possible in each reduction, act according to it. The rich action tricks and combo, motor performance and PK bring shocking experience. At the same time, but also by adding a shortcut method, PK rhythm smoother, more operational sense. Daguai burst with purification refining casting equipment "sword net 2" new equipment will be through the wild Daguai fall, a copy of the checkpoint output, to regain the original burst with surprise play, easy access to equipment. And, inadvertently high-quality equipment will appear in your backpack. Also by means of purification refining recast equipment, equipment system not only can let you get rich game fun, can earn pours, become a top master in the game for free. Elite Gang more combat squad "sword net 2 new" narrow Gang Gang each scale, only a few people, the gang structure is smaller, not only can let the game player are interaction more closely, but also create more opportunities for small team together, for their efforts in the fight on the Gang Gang, leave a strong. The gang system also added a lot of benefits such as output, exclusive shop, Gang Gang BUFF. Also with buddies experience Gang task together, gang activities play, happy to play! Change your personality to create amazing wild beauty of the heart, the person all has. The new "inherited" sword net 2 "sword net 2" good design in the clothing, use the 3D and change the system, let the game player reach the perfect combination of ability and personality. At the same time, in the clothing and clothing to continue to enhance the fineness of the fine details of the performance of more delicate and exquisite, bring better visual experience. Song Liao battlefield classic crowd war games "sword net 2 new" on some classic gameplay full reduction, such as Song Liao battlefield, will meet in the "new" sword net 2 game with the game player. Open for a battlefield!相关的主题文章: