KMT chairman election poll Hong Xiuzhu win Huang Minhui 21% kasey chase

KMT chairman election poll: Hong Xiuzhu win 21% Huang Minhui original title: Chairman of the KMT election poll: Huang Minhui won 21% Hong Xiuzhu thriving in March 26th will be the chairman of the KMT election vote, generally viewed as "two women’s war", 5 had led the table of the candidates to Huang Minhui Hong Xiuzhu, the most the strength of the Kuomintang, the hundred years old that will be the first time the chairwoman headed situation. However, according to the latest poll, the election did not seem to like people expected that as intense, Hong Xiuzhu has a thriving trend. Can Hong Xiuzhu become the first female party chairman of the Kuomintang? Taiwan TVBS recently conducted a poll found that the KMT party chairman election, Hong Xiuzhu’s support rate of 30%, Huang Minhui, Chen Xuesheng’s support rate is only 9%, Li Xin 4%, 49% people said no comment. In the tendency of political parties, half of the Kuomintang identity (49%) preferred Hong Xiuzhu to be elected. Among the respondents who were members of Kuomintang, 39% supported Hong Xiuzhu, higher than 15% of Huang Minhui, and 6% of Chen Xuesheng. Source: TVBS is more helpful to KMT’s reform in view of which one is the chairman of the KMT The survey results show that 29% people think Hong Xiuzhu can help the KMT reform, higher than Chen Xuesheng (11%) and Huang Min Hui (9%) and so on, at the same time there are 45% opinions. Source: TVBS, Wu Boxiong, Ma Yingjiu after the Kuomintang party chairman Zhu Lilun after years of criticism, the problem of the assets, has not been resolved in the future, the newly elected chairman of the party, both (23%) thought that Hong Xiuzhu has the ability to solve, other candidates are in a less, but more than half of people without (54%) express an opinion. Source: TVBS this survey is TVBS Taiwan poll center from January 29th to February 1st in the evening, the sampling method by telephone number after four random telephone interviews, a total of 1057 people in over 20 years in Taiwan, the refusal of 250, refusal rate was 23.7%, the last successful visit 807 valid samples. According to the rating agency 2 3 April analysis, the Hong Xiuzhu poll thriving, and is affected by the party’s most effective voting forces "yellow Baath" support, the election to see the high line. Because Wu Dunyi, Hao Longbin, Hu Zhiqiang et al to abandon the race, the leader of the battle is not as expected or intense, results can be predicted. Both Huang Minhui and Hong Xiuzhu opposed the Chinese Nationalist Party’s "going to China". However, when the two people recently attended public occasions, they deliberately grabbed the "local vote", and the outside world was therefore represented by the war between the local and non local groups. The defeat of the Kuomintang is related to the route issue, and it is necessary for the candidates to make clear the issues concerning the prospects of Taiwan, the Taiwan Straits and the education reform. The report pointed out that by the end of 2014 nine elections in January 16th this year and the leaders of the "general election" has let the Kuomintang vitality, not with defeat. Huang Minhui had earlier said, hope you can like hoops, put together, look forward to the outside world about the election 2

国民党主席选举民调:洪秀柱赢黄敏惠21%   原标题:国民党主席选举民调:洪秀柱赢黄敏惠21% 一枝独秀   将于3月26日投票的国民党主席选举,被外界普遍视为是“两个女人的战争”,5名已经领表的参选者中以黄敏惠、洪秀柱最有实力,国民党这家“百年老店”笃 定将首次出现女主席当家的局面。不过,依据最新的民调来看,选情似乎并未如人们预计的那般激烈,洪秀柱大有一枝独秀之势。 洪秀柱能否成为国民党首位女党主席?   台湾TVBS近日进行的民调发现,对于这次国民党党主席补选,洪秀柱支持率有30%,黄敏惠、陈学圣支持率都只有9%,李新有4%,49%民众表示没有表 示意见。政党倾向方面,国民党认同者有半数(49%)较希望洪秀柱当选,在自承是国民党党员的受访者中,39%支持洪秀柱,高于黄敏惠的15%,以及陈学 圣的6%。 来源:TVBS   针对哪一位担任国民党主席对于国民党的改革比较有帮助?调查结果显示,29%民众认为洪秀柱较能帮助国民党改革,高于陈学圣(11%)和黄敏惠(9%)等人,同时有45%没意见。 来源:TVBS   国民党在历经马英九、吴伯雄、朱立伦等党主席后,外界批评多年的党产问题,始终没有解决,在未来新任党主席部分,超两成(23%)认为洪秀柱最有能力解决,其他人选则均在一成以下,但逾五成(54%)民众未表示意见。 来源:TVBS   本次调查是台湾TVBS民意调查中心于1月29日至2月1日晚间进行,采用电话号码后四位随机抽样电话访问的抽样方法,共调查1057位20岁以上台湾地区民众,其中拒访为250位,拒访率为23.7%,最后成功访问有效样本807位。   据香港中评社2月3日分析,洪秀柱民调一枝独秀,又较受党内最有效的投票部队“黄复兴党部”支持,选情看高一线。因为吴敦义、郝龙斌、胡志强等人放弃角逐,这次党魁之争未如预期激烈,胜败结果也很容易预测得到。   黄敏惠、洪秀柱都反对中国国民党“去中国化”,不过两人近日出席公开场合时,都刻意抢“本土票”,外界因而有以本土与非本土派之战形容这场选举。国民党之败与路线问题有关,竞选过程中候选人有必要针对两岸、教改等攸关台湾前景的议题讲清楚。   报道指出,2014年年底的九合一选举及今年1月16日的领导人“大选”已让国民党元气大伤,经不起败上加乱。黄敏惠早前说过,希望自己能像桶箍一样,把 大家团结在一起,期盼外界看待此次选举,并非党内的纷争。从目前的情况看,国民党内有暗潮,省籍斗争、世代斗争都开始表面化。主席选举过程能否如黄敏惠所 愿,还有变数。   国民党主席补选连署时间从1月26日到2月21日止,2月22日登记,3月26日投、开票,目前党员约32万人,联署门槛需达9600人以上。洪秀柱、黄敏惠、陈学圣、李新、林荣德等5名已领表的参选者,未必都能达到联署门槛而成为正式候选人。 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: