Kuang’s Gold Gold frustrated recorded a triple yin, 1328 rebound continue to vent-sopor aeternus

Kuang’s Gold: Gold frustrated recorded a triple yin, 1328 rebound continue to vent the Sina foundation exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Cold and warm, sad or happy, you have experienced all of the diffuse thoughts in the shallow waves. With great joy and bravely, even if it is a person’s travel, certainly will not be lonely. Trading is not to go, but to win a stable, a person can not always bad luck, also may not always be good luck, what the weak strong, all in a nidea. Gorgeous falls, more than meaningless hovering, the market is a strong grand wings, weak can’t do anything. Only when you really understand the true meaning of the operation, to turn the tide. Gold and silver oil out of the disagreement, the last trading day of the week, we continue to control the overall situation. The recent gold bad trend, let a lot of people no Wagner, we always think this price is not necessarily a good thing, there are still some people with the mentality to fight in the stock market of gold and silver, and we think this is a wrong understanding,. The interest rate signal is more and more weak, began to fall into confusion, and the beauty can not really get to stretch on the price, tossing back and forth is many people do not want to see. Yesterday, 1323 of us durable goods bearish gold and silver, emptying of gold tips: usher in a narrow one, then, given surprise is crude oil boom, OPEC reached agreement limited production news is still in fermentation, continue to climax, 46.6 relay gold and silver rose 48.32, unhappy people to put heavy heart on oil prices above. Today: a technical interpretation of the weekly trend in early trading gold figure: Gold: early, narrow range operation is this week the price of gold has been doing, and 1343 from the top to go downward pressure on prices did not drop much, the lowest was around 1316, more than and 20 dollars in the whole week volatility does not, average day the fluctuation of $5. So this week as long as you book every 5 dollars to the good harvest, is victory. Basically, we are doing this action, aerial based, operating point in the midday after entering the layout, so don’t get profit check, small profits still continue. Today, the operation of the first up after the adjustment, high altitude light warehouse air pressure is still looking at the 1328 line. Silver: out of 19.1 in the early morning, after yesterday’s Supreme 19.38 line, as we suggested 19, 5 empty, it seems not to chance, but at least we suggest that the rebound is the right idea, short-term operation, silver top really does not take an advantage, and not only in the layout of long toss no, this week to clinch a deal next week, stability after layout. Oil: morning, many people said the oil is very excited, because yesterday we are given in 47 more direct advice, and won, finally pulled 48.3 high perfect ending, why is the last when the firm bullish, EIA announced that the above bottleneck has been broken, only after the potential dips into multiple. A lot of good news is the trend, once there, we will be able to take advantage of. Today’s operations, continue to wait相关的主题文章: