Late in the night, a strange man in a stairwell in Huaian was drunk-ca1835

At Huaian a residential stairwell is a strange man lying drunk went home yesterday (October 7th) at 10 o’clock, the public alarm, a staircase at Lianshui County of Huaian City, Yanhuang international community, lay a man, how didn’t shout what reaction, the police immediately rushed to the scene to see. About half an hour ago, he heard an owner say that he was asleep under a staircase. Zhou master quickly came forward to see, if there is a man about more than 50 years old lying on the stairs, Zhang master pushed a few men, but no matter how you call, the man always motionless. Master Zhang said, now the weather gradually cool, and outside a light rain, so he hastened to report to the police. A few minutes later, Lianyuan City police station rushed to the scene, the police on nearby residents floor tenants were visited, confirmed that the man is not in the District, then, through its mobile phone contacts in the police found the man her daughter’s phone, through the communication, that the man’s home is Li set Branch River Village, evening county a restaurant to drink, drink a way into the Yanhuang international community. In order to prevent accidents, after soliciting his daughter’s consent, the police call the hospital phone, and soon, 120 ambulances sent the man to hospital for treatment. Police reminded that the majority of people usually drink less drink, grasp the "degree", in order to prevent accidents.

深夜淮安一小区楼梯间躺陌生男子 原是醉酒走错家 昨天(10月7日)晚上10点多钟,有市民报警说,在淮安市涟水县炎黄国际小区的一个楼梯里,躺着一名男子,怎么喊也没什么反应,民警随即赶往现场进行查看。据小区保安张师傅介绍,大约半小时前,他听到一个业主反应说,在一个楼梯间下面睡着一个人。周师傅连忙上前一看,果真有个大约五十多岁的男子躺在楼梯旁,张师傅连推了男子几下,可任凭你怎么叫,男子始终一动不动。张师傅说,眼下天气渐渐凉了,且外面又下起了小雨,于是,他赶忙报了警。几分钟后,涟城派出所民警就赶到现场,民警对附近居民楼住户进行了走访,确认该男子不是该小区的,于是,民警通过其手机里的联系人找到了男子女儿的电话,通过交流,得知该男子的家是小李集支河村的,晚上去县城一家饭店喝酒,喝多了走错路进了炎黄国际小区。为防止发生意外,在征求其女儿同意后,民警拨打了医院电话,不一会,120救护车将该男子送往医院救治。民警提醒,广大市民平时喝酒最好少喝点,掌握个"度",以防意外事件的发生。相关的主题文章: