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Health Generally, professional and qualified conference speakers are hired for corporate events, conferences, and seminars. A professional conference usually needs speakers to talk on specific subjects of interest to the audience, and normally ac.panies the use of made power-point presentations, graphs, statistics, and much more to make the event successful. Success is gauged by the possibility of achieving the goals of the host organisation, such as increasing sales and profits. Such conferences are not for everyone, and more popular are conference speakers who speak on general topics of human interest to a wide spectrum of people from all walks of life. Their talks are more lively and interesting, and serve to energize and motivate their audiences. Very often, conferences and seminars are filled with bored and sleepy faces because the talk is too technical and drones on as a monotone. The diametric opposite of this is a lively laughter speaker who instantly raises the energy of his group and connects with their inner selves effortlessly and effectively. As the saying goes: Lecture me, and Ill surely sleep, talk to me, and I may listen, involve me, and Im all ears, laugh with me, and Im yours forever. Vishwa is not just a conference speaker who makes a speech. An event with him is an experience to cherish and savor, and is full of the good mood of mirth. In such a state, Vishwa is able to connect to his audience as he reaches out to them with his message of love and laughter. If you are planning an event, then Vishwa Prakash can practically guarantee its success and infuse excitement and joy into the attendees. Vishwa is a mind/body speaker, spiritual speaker and after-dinner speaker all rolled into one. His talks instantly raise the energy of his groups and leave them spellbound. He speaks on how to reach out to your higher self, turning negativity into positivity, discovering your inner life purpose and meaning and other spiritual subjects. As a popular and sought-after healer, Vishwa offers a rare insight into the emotional origins of stress and offers practical coping solutions. Vishwa Prakash is not only a laughter speaker, but also a motivational speaker who has many inspiring stories to share with the world. He speaks from the heart and touches each and every one of his listeners with the joy of reaching out to their higher selves. He is careful not to enter into a monologue and uses an interactive style to first let his audience identify with his humane self, and then enter into a discussion which infuses everybody with participation in the real-life drama of life. As a laughteryoga speaker, Vishwa leaves a strong impression on the minds and hearts of all he .es into contact. Vishwa Prakash is both a laughter speaker, a performer and healer too. He is a keynote speaker like no other because he has the ability to connect to his audience instantly, and sends them into peels of hearty belly laughter. No jokes, no alcohol, no tickling. Vishwa is a popular guest speaker for public and private events, including those for charity. His knowledge on varied topics such as soular energy, mind/body, spirituality is deep and his presentation style is easy. He also speaks on how to practice therapeutic laughter to over.e stress, reap amazing health benefits and fuel your happiness. To know Vishwa Prakash and his amazing abilities and potential, visit vishwaprakash.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: