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Travel-and-Leisure If you are into outdoor landscaping and gardening, you obviously spend a considerable amount of time outdoors. And as the weather turns from the cold and rainy days of winter to warm spring days, visions of crocuses, tulips and outdoor barbeques take over. But spending so much time outside, especially doing the things you love, can certainly make you lose track of the time. So, why not add an outdoor clock to your patio area for everyone to enjoy? Outdoor clocks add a nice touch to any garden or outdoor entertainment area. They also give gardeners a way of keeping track of the time as they work on their lawn and gardens. Better yet, they can add a decorative touch to your entertainment areas as well. And as you know, these areas can be difficult to decorate, especially in locations with varying weather and climates. Will Weather Be An Issue? Despite your climate, it is always best to use outdoor clocks that are waterproof and weatherproof. These clocks are usually sealed with weatherproofing sealant and gaskets to ensure that the rain and dust stay out of the clock’s mechanisms. Most outdoor clocks will be clearly labeled as such, but it pays to double check the packaging just to make sure. Even though most outdoor clocks are manufactured to be weatherproof, you can protect them further by selecting a location for them that is sheltered from the elements. The best location for an outside wall clock is higher on the wall where it can benefit from the protection of the overhang (eaves) of your roof. If you live in the Northern climates, the ultimate protection during the winter months is to take your clock down and store it in a warm, dry location. Before putting your clock in storage, perform any required maintenance per the operating manual and you can be ensured of enjoying your clock through many seasons. Outdoor Clock Features Can outdoor clocks do more than just provide the time? Of course they can. The more elaborate outside clocks have a host of features that add to the functionality and usefulness of the clock. Some .e with a thermometer and barometer to monitor the weather. Add a rain gauge and you will have a bona fide weather station at your disposal. A very nice feature that is offered with some of the higher-end models is a wireless display. This allows your outside clock to transmit data to a second display unit inside your home. Imagine being able to have the time, temperature, and barometric pressure at your fingertips whether you are on the patio or inside the house. And don’t forget, outdoor clocks also make the perfect gift for your friends and family members who enjoy your passion for outdoor living. They especially make a terrific housewarming gift for friends that have just be.e new homeowners. So, whether you are looking to decorate your porch, patio, gazebo, or other outside living area, an outdoor clock can be the perfect choice. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: