Lavon exposure will renew Bayern until 2021 with super Muller team’s highest paid Sports –

Lavon will renew Bayern exposure to 2021 super Muller took the team paid Sohu   Lavon super sports; exposure to paying the contract until 2021 as everyone knows, Real Madrid for Lewandowski coveted. However, according to the current situation, the Spanish giants dreams from their targets have been more and more far. According to German media Bild "" sports news, Poland international and Bayern to complete the contract, he will stay at the Allianz Arena to 2021. It is reported that Lewandowski will overtake teammate Muller, Bayern team with the highest paid. Lewandowski, who just turned 28, is now at the peak of his career. Since the beginning of the new season, the Poland international state continued hot, the games have pounded 9 goals and 2 assists dedication, team performance has become one of Bayern’s most consistent player. Data points out that since the summer of 2014 to join Bayern, he has represented the team in 106 games in the tournament, scored a total of 76 goals and has contributed a total of 22 assists. Lewandowski is so perfect, the Bundesliga BANBA is obviously not easily to let go. The German media pointed out that, in order to prevent poaching team, Bayern has the main work is to renew the contract with Lewandowski. Right now, Lewandowski and Bayern contract expires in the summer of 2019. Sports Bild reported that the Poland striker’s new contract will be extended for two years, the contract period to the end of 2021. It is worth mentioning that, as early as in the summer transfer period, once the media exposed, Real Madrid to invite Lewandowski to join, or even make a tax of 25 million euros ultra high salary. However, the Polish people finally withstood the Milky Way battleship paid the temptation, choose to continue staying in Bayern in the bundesliga. For Lewandowski after the extension of the salary issue, sports Bild said that the details of the contract is still unknown. However, the media also pointed out that the Poland striker will surpass Muller the highest paid to the Bayern squad. It should be noted that Muller’s current annual salary of 15 million euros before tax, while the current salary of $9 million before tax, Lewandowski. According to the media, Lewandowski this contract, his salary will rise sharply. At the same time, the "sports Bild" also admitted that with Lewandowski. Real Madrid will mean poaching plan will be lost. (Mo Qingsong)相关的主题文章: