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Astrology Lear Astrology Online – Mercury Mercury is the planet that .es after Mars. Whereas Mars is the black and white nature of the mind, which refers to our actions in real time. Mercury is related to all sorts of options. It’s related to flexibility, trying new things, experimenting and seeing what works based on new information that we gathered and new things that we want to learn. Mars is very black and white, very simplistic. And this simplistic approach is excellent for putting into practice what we’ve learned. We say this is right, this is wrong; I’m going to do what’s right, that’s the nature of Mars. But, Mercury .es next and says "well maybe this isn’t right, maybe there is more information that I can learn, and Im going to see what this is all about". Mercury experiments, tries new things, and then thinks about it, ponders it, talks about it, Mercury is very good at flexibility, .munication with others and really just gathering information and seeing what is true rather than just following blindly what we’ve been taught in the past. So, the nature of Mercury brings variety to life, brings playfulness, brings curiosity, brings humor, all of these things give us the potential to not stay stuck in our angry ways when things don’t go the way we want. When something .es our way, when something blocks our path, the worst thing that happens is we get a little irritated, because that’s the nature of Mars, because these are actions at the moment. But Mercury .es next, say "wait a minute, what is this?" And we may even be able to enjoy it, because Mercury is flexible. He tries to figure out what happens or what happened and then make an adjustment. This is how we learn through life. We be.e flexible. We’re not just locked into the way we’ve been taught. The evolutionary process of Mercury has to do with taking all of those details and that flexibility and being very detached from our philosophies and dogmas. The difficulty with Mercury is we may just always play and fool around, perhaps gossip, perhaps not want to do anything serious, or not want to go anywhere, but just fool around. So, whereas Mars moves straight ahead forward, Mercury moves from side to side. He’s not goal oriented. He’s in the present moment, enjoying and experimenting. The evolutionary process of Mercury means we must take action, take that detail oriented, innocent and open approach – but do something important with it, rather than just play and waste our time. When this happens, Mercury be.es the king of discrimination where we’re able to figure things out intellectually and understand the world rationally, which is what we’re all trying to do. We’re all gathering information, because we want to know the answer, and Mercury is the part of us that is interested and curious in all of the answers like the child is curious and wanting to know why things work and how they work. This is an important area of life, so that we can understand our teachings rather than be just an agent of dogma. — Vedic Indian Astrology readings classes given by Certified Vedic Astrologer, Sam Geppi. He is a regular columnist to the most prestigious print and online spiritual journals. His articles and forecasts appear in Tathaastu Magazine (Dr. David Frawley is a board member), Yoga Mind and Body Magazine – Astrology.., Astrocenter (MSN Woldwide), Horoscope.. and many others. His website "vedicastrologycenter.. " is typically ranked #1 in Google for Vedic astrology and many other key search terms. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: