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Martial-Arts If you want to learn martial arts in order to defend yourself, stop and think for a moment. Martial arts self defense classes generally focus on techniques that they ask you to repeat six or seven times and then go home and practice, and they pretty much stop there. The real secrets of self defense are left to the martial artists who actually fight on a daily basis. Let’s expose some of them. Don’t be Daniel Ever seen the Karate Kid? Daniel was the kind of nice kid who wanted to learn martial arts, but even after he did, he still consistently waited until he was almost unconscious to really get aggressive. Don’t be Daniel! If you have a solid intuition or a firm knowledge that you are about to be attacked, go on the offensive FIRST. You can go bold and just lunge for the attack, or you can pretend to be afraid and lure him in before you strike, but either way strike first. When you do, don’t screw around. Don’t punch someone in the face if you can kick them in the nuts. Don’t kick someone in the guts if you can drive a knee into the bridge of his nose. And don’t ever hold back. The last thing you want is to piss off your attacker by giving him a nasty bruise right before he takes a chair to your wife’s head. Pressure Points Are A Joke Lots of Internet sites make a big deal about pressure points and meridians like it’s some sort of key to unlocking the vulnerabilities of an attacker. Shenanigans: all attackers are vulnerable and it has nothing to do with pressure points. You don’t need pressure points to attack someone in the toes, feet, shins, knees, groin, kidneys, wrists, solar plexus, armpits, throat, upper lip, nose, eyes, ears, or temples. If you’re not attacking one of these basic weak points that all humans share, you’re not attacking effectively, period. The best places to attack depend on a lot of instantaneous factors like positioning and balance, but there are a few things to constantly keep in mind. If your attacker has a weapon, attack his wrist (to disarm him) or his legs (to trip him). If your attacker looks like he wants to grab you, attack his eyes — grappling while blinded is much more difficult than it sounds. If your attacker looks like a guy who would learn martial arts like Tae Kwon Do or he’s a boxer, stomp his feet and knees to reduce his mobility and let you stay out of his reach. No One Fights Fair Even if you do learn martial arts, in the streets, you should always bring a knife to a fistfight, or a gun to a knife fight. Every advantage you can muster over your attacker is a necessity. If you can’t carry an asp or a knife, carry pepper spray and a sturdy metal pen. At the first signs of potential violence, ready your weapon, but keep it concealed. Brandishing a weapon like pepper spray is just asking to get disarmed. Study .mon martial arts self defense techniques for disarming an opponent, and be ready for your attacker to use one of them to steal your weapon. Try to counter his attempt, and if you fail at that, be ready to disarm him right back. If you’re worried about protecting yourself, learn martial arts — they really do help — just don’t get stuck thinking that your sensei or sifu is telling you everything you need to know to make it on the streets. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: