Liaoning small and medium enterprises pay high salaries, some students do not buy it luonv

Liaoning small and medium-sized enterprises paid people embrace the part of college students do not buy it, one side is desperate for business, while college students do not buy it, why? In October 29th, Liaoning Province Employment Bureau held the "2016 Liaoning province large-scale comprehensive special recruitment of college graduates", science and technology of Internet companies, investment companies, education and training center, and real estate companies and other small and medium sized enterprises occupy the recruitment of the number of Enterprises above 70%. Some enterprises offer sales jobs, the number of recruitment reached 100, treatment is generous, salary is not low. However, some students do not buy it". Sales positions recruit hundreds of people, 9 positions, resume sales assistant positions, recruitment number of 30 people; network marketing personnel, recruitment number of 100 people…… Faced with such a huge number of recruitment, business recruiters are a little headache. "From morning to the scene, less than 3 hours, just received 9 resumes."." An e-commerce enterprise recruitment personnel face embarrassment. In fact, our enterprise treatment and salary is still very good." This enterprise human resources department staff introduction, the enterprise to the talented person demand quantity is big, the job opportunity also increased compared to the enterprise initial stage, but because of the company scale and so on factor, the graduate enthusiasm is not high. "Still eager to go to big business, worry about small and medium-sized enterprises are not stable enough."." A graduate student from the Shenyang University management professional told the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter. Real estate industry talent demand rebound, applicants only a few "real estate managers, job demand 50 people."." On the spot, the real estate industry enterprise recruitment number is also very much. Why is there so much demand for jobs? "The real estate industry in the last two years is indeed a bit depressed, but this year the feeling has rebounded significantly, the demand for talent is relatively large."." A recruiter for a big real estate service chain said. "I was also a fresh undergraduate, originally want to exercise, try, real estate sales work, if the performance is good, salary is really good.". Not willing to quit job, now has been working for more than four years." The recruiter smiled. Generally speaking, the average monthly income in Shenyang is about 5000 yuan, slightly better monthly salary is more than 10 thousand yuan or more. But even so, there are still a few college students who have come to apply for the job. Education institutions prefer part-time jobs, and some educational institutions recruit part-time jobs on the same day. There are many graduates who send resumes. "For the time being, there’s no proper job, a little money for a part-time job, and a teaching experience." Xiao Zhang, a senior English major at Bohai University, told reporters. On the spot, the reporter found that many educational institutions recruitment of the main posts are part-time, including English, Tofu, IELTS, mathematics and other major subjects. Today, education institutions tend to recruit part-time teachers, salary is calculated according to class hours. "Because our customers are also students in the school, usually also need class, so the number of full-time teachers do not need too much, part-time high cost performance." An English training institution recruiters like this.

辽宁中小企业高薪揽人 部分大学生“不买账”一边是企业求贤若渴,一边是大学生不买账,咋回事?10月29日,辽宁省大学生就业局举办了“2016年辽宁省大型综合类高校毕业生专场招聘会”,科技互联网企业、投资公司、教育培训中心及房地产企业等中小型企业占据了招聘会企业数的七成以上。有的企业提供的销售岗位,招聘数达到100个,待遇丰厚薪酬也不低。不过,部分大学生对此却“不买账”。销售岗位招人最多百人岗位9人投简历销售助理岗位,招聘人数30人;网络营销人员,招聘人数100人……面对这么庞大的招聘数量,企业招聘人员却有点头疼。“从早上到现场,不足3小时吧,只收到9份简历。”一家电子商务企业招聘人员面露尴尬。“其实我们企业待遇和薪资还是很不错的。”这家企业人力资源部工作人员介绍,企业对人才需求量很大,工作机会也比企业起步阶段增多了,但因为公司规模等因素,毕业生热情不高。“还是渴求去大企业就职吧,担心中小企业不够稳定。”现场一位来自沈阳大学管理专业的本科毕业生这样告诉沈阳晚报、沈阳网记者。 房地产行业人才需求回升应聘者寥寥“房产经理人,岗位需求50人。”现场,房地产行业企业招聘人数也非常多。岗位数需求为什么会这么多?“前两年房地产行业确实有点低迷,但今年感觉明显回升了,对人才需求量也比较大。”一名大型房产服务连锁机构的招聘人员说。“我当年也是应届本科生,原来想锻炼锻炼试一下,房地产销售的工作,如果业绩好薪水真是很不错的。不舍得跳槽了,现在已工作了四年多了。”这位招聘人员笑着介绍。在沈阳一般来说,平均月收入大约在5000元左右,稍微好一点的月薪在1万元以上甚至更多。但是即使这样,前来应聘的大学生依然为数寥寥。教育机构招聘偏爱“兼职”当日,一些教育机构招聘“兼职”的岗位,投递简历的毕业生还挺多。“暂时还没有合适的工作,兼职赚点钱,也能积攒授课经验。”渤海大学英语专业大四学生小张这样告诉记者。现场,记者发现不少教育机构招聘的主要岗位都是兼职,包括英语、托福、雅思、数学等主要科目。现如今教育机构更倾向于招聘兼职老师,薪酬都是按课时计算。“因为我们的客户群也都是在校学生,平时也都需要上课,所以招全职老师数量不用太大,兼职性价比比较高。”一家英语培训机构招聘人员这样介绍。相关的主题文章: