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Liaoyue war referee mistakes are saying: give a seat in the stadium only playback Guo Shiqiang dissatisfaction with the referee according to the "Shenyang daily" news, the Benxi team CBA Liaoning Yaodu semi-final first win over the Guangdong men’s basketball team, after the game, various comments, the final 3 seconds of the obvious misjudgment of the piece, a lot of fans maxed circle of friends, obviously. The three parties have become "the referee". As it happened, reporters yesterday in the Benxi men’s basketball team returned from Shenyang to follow all the flights to Shenzhen, just with the referee misjudgment next, this also let reporters have a rare opportunity to hear the parties on the "truth referee misjudgment". Liaoyue war finally began to make a three misjudgment of the referee, but not the two days be scold the referee class pour out a torrent of abuse and Qi Qi, the class has become the "culprit", because he had seen the video and still upheld. The bottom line referee who decided that basketball was out of bounds on Han Dejun’s leg and who had misjudged it at the beginning was the neighbor of the reporter on the flight yesterday". Because the Chinese Association expressly not allowed to accept the reporter for officiating the interview, so I told the "neighbors" really dare to mention on the night before the heart is not a great disturbance caused by false bottom. To the referee that Shenyang Daily reporter identity, unexpectedly he did not refuse, but he also made it clear that "the basketball association has allowed our interview as you know, but yesterday’s penalty to us three judges have too much pressure, I and you going on in my mind, you don’t ask me my name, this is not to accept your interview." "After so many people criticize us, saying we stare blind judgment, we may still not know the circumstances. We judge, technical representatives and both sides of the coach was watching the scene of the video playback is a local television station available to us, only one seat, a point of view, from the point of view, do not really know basketball is not playing in Han Dejun’s legs out of bounds, so the final decision still maintain the original fine. After the game, several of our referees received calls from relatives and friends, and everyone said, "what’s so clear about the TV footage that you’re watching and watching the video replay?". Back to the hotel, we also watched the sports news, saw the CCTV from three seats, angle playback HD playback, the other two seats can show Han Dejun has an obvious leg movement, as we judge the scene to see the seat, this action is not obvious. I want to say is, if we can see the referee at that time the full range of video playback in three aspects such as CCTV, certainly have modified." As for the scene, why not see all three angles of replay, the referee reluctantly said: "playback video is provided by the local television station in Guangdong, we can only be based on the replay penalty. Maybe there are other reasons why we didn’t give the other two seats back to us in time."     if the decision was made correctly at the beginning of the penalty, then there would be no such thing. But I want to say, then the Cheng 辽粤战误判裁判有话说:赛场只给一个机位回放 郭士强不满裁判   据《沈阳日报》消息,辽宁药都本溪男篮CBA半决赛首场险胜广东男篮,赛后,最后3秒那次明显误判的各种评论、段子,刷爆很多球迷的朋友圈,很显然,此役的三名当事裁判成为了 “大恶人”。说来也巧,记者在昨天跟随药都本溪男篮从深圳返回沈阳的航班上,恰好与那位做出误判的裁判邻座,这也让记者有了难得的机会,听到了这位当事裁 判对这次误判的“心里话”。   辽粤大战最后三秒一开始做出误判的裁判,其实并不是这两天被骂得狗血喷头的当值主裁班琦,而班琦之所以成为 “主犯”,是因为他看过录像后依然维持原判。认定篮球打在韩德君腿上出界,一开始就做出误判的那位底线裁判就是昨天航班上记者的“邻居”。因为中国篮协明 文规定裁判不允许接受记者针对比赛判罚方面的采访,所以我对这位“邻居”到底敢不敢提及起前一天晚上引起轩然大波的误判心里十分没底。在向这位裁判表明沈 阳日报记者身份后,出乎意料的是他并没有拒绝,但他也明确表示,“篮协有规定不许我们接受采访你也知道,但昨天的判罚给我们三位裁判的压力太大了,我就和 你唠唠我的心里话吧,你也不用问我的名字了,这不是接受你的采访。”   “赛后那么多人骂我们,说我们瞪眼瞎判,大家可能还是不了解当时的 情况。我们裁判、技术代表和双方的教练当时现场观看的录像回放是当地电视台提供给我们的,只有一个机位,一个角度,从那个角度来看,真的看不太清楚篮球是 不是打在了韩德君的腿上出界,所以最终的判罚还是维持原来的判罚。比赛结束后,我们几个裁判都接到了亲朋好友打来的电话,大家都说,电视转播那么清楚的画 面,你们裁判在现场看录像回放怎么就看不清楚呢。回到宾馆我们也观看了体育新闻,看到了央视从三个机位、角度播放的高清回放,其他两个机位都能显示韩德君 有一个明显的收腿动作,就我们裁判现场看的那个机位这个动作不明显。我要说的是,如果我们裁判当时能够看到像央视这样三个角度的全方位录像回放,肯定就改 判了。”   至于比赛现场为什么没能看到全部三个角度的回放时,这位裁判无奈地表示:“回放录像是广东当地电视台提供的,我们只能依据这个回放进行判罚。至于为什么没有把另外两个机位的回放及时提供给我们,也许有其他的原因吧。”     如 果这次判罚一开始就能做出正确判断,那么也就没有这场风波了。但我想说,当时情况的发生就是那么一瞬间,角度、站位都有可能对判罚做出影响,要立即做出判 断,裁判也是人,不可能百分之百做出正确的判罚。这也是为什么CBA要引进观看录像回放的目的,就是为了尽可能地防止误判。目前CBA观看录像回放的规则 是参照国际篮联,三种情况下可以观看,而NBA则有多达17种情况下可以观看录像回放。NBA拥有一个总的视频控制中心,所有视频信号控制中心都可以切换 给裁判观看,CBA与NBA在这方面还有不小的差距。”这位裁判认为CBA在一些方面还需要向NBA学习。   针对网络上铺天盖地的“黑哨”指责,这位裁判表示:“故意误判?这可能吗!CBA也是我们裁判的CBA,大家为了联赛的更好发展都会去维护它。”   包括班琦在内的辽粤大战首场比赛两位主裁昨天并没有与这位裁判一同来到沈阳,在辽宁男篮针对误判铁心上诉的情况下,班琦很可能将无缘本赛季季后赛此后的执法。      沈阳日报、沈阳网记者马骋相关的主题文章: