Livall cycling bike helmet to keep you safe and comfortable ride (video) ca1290

LIVALL Cycling bicycle helmet keep you safe and comfortable riding Tencent digital news (Linda) people love riding, it is not only a green way to travel, but also a good way to exercise, but also a positive and healthy lifestyle. Riding a lot of equipment, helmet is the most important, you can ensure the safety of riding. Of course, we hope that the helmet more intelligent, more intimate, LIVALL Cycling is such a desirable product. LIVALL Cycling intelligent helmet keep you safe and comfortable ride first, it integrates multiple LED lights, can turn bright and shining in the night and often remind passers-by, and avoid the car. How to achieve automatic steering when lit? In fact, LIVALL Cycling helmet connected to a smart phone, the application will be riding navigation, will turn on when the helm LED lights. Secondly, LIVALL Cycling built-in heart rate sensor, located in the user’s forehead, to monitor the heart rate when riding performance. Heart rate monitoring data can be shared for SOS alarm function, if the user accidentally falls, and heart rate to dangerous levels, LIVALL Cycling will continue to flash, and the default to the application of mobile phone contacts issued a distress message. In addition, LIVALL Cycling also can answer the phone, intercom, music playback function, this is a very great function. Of course, in order to achieve these features also need a small accessories, is the Bling remote control. It can be fixed on the handlebar, the key to control the direction of application of the various functions of mobile phone. LIVALL Cycling a total of three models, of which the most high-end BH81H, support all of the above features. Type MT1 to cancel the heart rate monitor, other configuration consistent with BH81H. In addition, there are children’s models, cancel the function based on smart phones, but retains the LED lights. Currently, LIVALL Cycling is being carried out all the chips in the Indiegogo, and successfully held a tour around the Qinghai Lake this summer, the concern. The price of BH81H, the early support price of $109 (about 728 yuan), the retail price for all kinds of household suits, including remote control and children’s helmet, BH81H model for 159 dollars (about 1061 yuan), the MT1 model is $149 (about 995 yuan), scheduled for November this year. Source: indiegogo boring boring life? Every day, too tired to be hollowed out? The old driver to take you back up again, cool cool new ways to stop, quickly focus on the Tencent WeChat digital Officer (ID:qqdigi) No.相关的主题文章: