Love song – south the eternal round of tourism

Love song – south the eternal round of Sohu tourism vast desert, the depths of the Tarim River to break through the layers of desert barrier, only to embrace the poplar affectionate, sing the Millennium Millennium song of love, that life after life cycle, sexual gratification, they played a glorious impressive scene, with a romantic, in the field last forever, flying in the boundless scenery in the spectrum of a classic love songs, play the scene forever. October holiday day, tangled everywhere crowd I wanted to stay at home, reading quietly, tea, writing, I still couldn’t help the temptation of friends (accurate to say could not help the temptation of Populus, is wanted to go to Bazhou Luntai County, long ago Tarim Populus euphratica Forest Park State). So, the evening bags packed, the second day wait drove to the northeast edge of the Taklimakan Desert in the middle reaches of Tarim River area, is located in Luntai county south of the Bazhou desert highway 70 kilometers of the Tarim huyanglin national Forest Park. Just walk in here, visitors still busy, but at first glance, the heart a bit disappointed, did not see a golden stunning scene, is said by Populus euphratica forest disaster, many leaves are not yellow has withered, but with the scenic bus to the depths of poplar fled, but to see large tracts of Populus Lin immersed in the Tarim River water, the heart was shocked…… Yellow also reveals a green poplar are still standing proud and desolate branches seems to engraved in years past, Tarim River still cling to them, the water is full of Populus aesthetic reflection, and the Golden Blue Populus surface to form a beautiful painting, atmosphere, perfect, the full range of noble, thick and heavy in colours beautiful picture. Everything is so quiet, beautiful, seems to be the Tarim River from here, for thirsty Populus sent a Ganlu drop, like thousands of years they’ve never left, so tightly around together, together to resist the Taklimakan Desert of the common life look at fiercely as a tiger does, brilliant. In the depths of Populus euphratica forest, a small train along the rail to the distance, it seems to take people to the distant unknown, once there is a trail through the vicissitudes, it belongs to the human, that is the silk road. Think about the people at that time, in a continuous line on this road runs, while the empty suffocating vast desert, while the fresh and exciting life, from the east to the west, and from the west to the East, the whole world communication. Looking from the air, while the world’s second big 320 thousand square kilometers of the Taklimakan Desert, one side is tightly embracing the world’s largest 3800 square kilometers of the Tarim huyanglin and is the longest inland river of China, Tarim River, two natural enemies against each other, the stalemate, for one hundred million years that is the Tarim River and poplar tenacious life interpretation of the brilliant interpretation of a world and a life song. That a charming Xiahui with poor, lonely in the immense bleak wind, breeze reflection surface, belong to where? Stay at相关的主题文章: