Meifang Zhang said five major challenges facing the future China military will give priority

Meifang Zhang said five major challenges facing the future China military priority will be for the United States Secretary of defense Carter according to the "Washington Post" website reported on February 1st, The Pentagon will announce an increase in spending and enhance the American advanced weapons in Europe are planned as part of the transfer of technology and the progress of military defense budget, deal with Russia and China focus the plan. Secretary of defense Carter on 2 day of The Pentagon’s 2017 fiscal year budget plan for trial, arguing, Chinese increased rapidly and the Russian border military intervention constitutes a threat to U.S. security why more than the Islamic state and other extremist organizations, so it is worth to spend more money. Familiar with the spending plan officials said the plan that Carter tried to expand the focus of the military, which includes not only the rebellion in 2001 after the conflict, including Russia and Chinese — U.S. officials acknowledge that the military innovation in the two countries sometimes better than America — a "high-end" threat. A senior official at the defense ministry who didn’t want to be identified said that these developments really constituted a competition that had to be dealt with in the next 10 years". In the Carter plan, almost half of the new investment is related to the increasingly serious threat from Moscow, officials say. President Putin has shown that he is willing to demonstrate Russia’s military strength in many countries from Ukraine to Syria. According to the Agence France-Presse reported on February 2nd, Carter said: "facing the attack of Russia, we will strengthen the posture in Europe, support NATO allies."." He said that 3 billion 400 million dollars was 4 times the amount of last year. "This money can do a lot of things. Increase in the United States in Europe’s military allies and rotation, increase training and exercises, increase the pre placed combat equipment, and improve infrastructure support for." According to Reuters August 2 2 reported that U.S. Secretary of defense Ashton · he said the same day, hope next year 5827 billion Pentagon defense budget, adjust the expenditure priorities, to reflect on the overbearing Russia and the Islamic state organization as a symbol of the rise of the new strategic environment. Carter said in a speech at the Economic Club of Washington, The Pentagon’s capital requirements in line with last year’s congressional budget agreement, but the focus of expenditure will be changed to five big challenges facing the U. s.military: Russia, North Korea, Iran and Chinese, Islamic state organization. Carter said: "today’s security environment is quite different from what we’ve been faced with in the last 25 years, and therefore requires new ways of thinking and behavior."

美防长称未来面临中国等五大挑战 军费将优先针对 美国防长卡特   据美国《华盛顿邮报》网站2月1日报道,五角大楼将公布一项增加先进武器方面支出以及增强美国在欧洲之存在的计划,这是转移国防预算焦点、应对俄罗斯和中国所取得的技术和军事进展的计划的一部分。   国防部长卡特将于2日对五角大楼2017财年预算计划进行预审,提出理由证明,中国军力迅速增强以及俄罗斯的越境干预对美国安全构成的威胁为何大于“伊斯兰国”等极端组织,因而值得投入更多资金。   熟悉支出计划情况的官员称,这一计划表明,卡特试图扩大军方的关注焦点,使之不仅包括2001年后的各场叛乱冲突、也包括俄罗斯和中国——美国官员承认,这两个国家的军事创新有时胜过美国——构成的“更高端”威胁。   国防部门一名不愿透露身份的高官说,这些进步的确“构成了在未来10年内不得不予以应对的竞争态势”。   报道称,在卡特的计划中,几乎一半新增投资与官员们认为来自莫斯科的日益严重威胁有关。普京总统已经表明,他愿意在从乌克兰到叙利亚的多国展示俄罗斯的军事实力。   据法新社2月2日报道,卡特说:“面对俄罗斯的进攻,我们将强化在欧洲的姿态,支持北约盟国。”他表示,34亿美元是去年资金的4倍。   “这笔资金能做很多事情。增加美国在欧洲的军力轮换,增加与盟友的训练和演习,增加预先放置的作战装备,并改善用作支持的基础设施。”   据路透社2月2日报道,美国国防部长阿什顿·卡特当天说,五角大楼希望明年获得5827亿美元国防预算、调整支出优先项目,以反映以咄咄逼人的俄罗斯和“伊斯兰国”组织崛起为标志的新战略环境。   卡特在华盛顿经济俱乐部发表讲话称,五角大楼的资金要求符合去年的国会预算协议,但支出的焦点将发生改变,以应对美军面临的五大挑战:俄罗斯、中国、朝鲜、伊朗和“伊斯兰国”组织。   卡特说:“如今的安全环境截然不同于我们在过去25年中所面对的,因而需要新的思维方式和行为方式。”相关的主题文章: