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The seeds of second-hand car COO Chen Guohuan because the body position changes as chief strategy officer – car Sohu in 2016 08 months 25 days 14:13 source: Author: second-hand car Sohu reported in August 25, 2016, second-hand car seeds said in a statement, the seeds of second-hand car COO Chen Guohuan due to health reasons, the title changed to CSO (Chief Strategic Officer), the focus of the work will be more emphasis on the strategic direction of the company, will assist Hao Yang Chung CEO Strategic Planning Department of new building.   Chen Guohuan had been in the Alibaba for 12 years, served as general manager of B2B group channel, in 2014 to join the market, office COO, Yang Haoyong founded in 2015 after the second-hand car into the melon seeds, worked at COO, responsible for the seeds of second-hand car operation. It is understood that Chen Guohuan is also one of the larger shareholder of melon seeds used car.   the following is a detailed statement of the seeds of second-hand car: recent statement, we noticed a few unscrupulous competitors malicious spread false news about the seeds of second-hand car straight sell network COO Mr. Chen Guohuan fate, bring bad influence to our seeds, second-hand car in this statement: 1, Mr. Chen Guohuan is the second-hand car direct selling net melon seeds one of the important executives, since the company independent development, has served as an important position. 2, Mr. Chen Guohuan due to years of fighting in the front line sales, poor health, in charge of their own body and the attitude of the company, Mr. Chen Guohuan’s focus will focus more on the strategic direction of the company, assist CEO Mr. Yang Haoyong set up a new strategic planning department. To help the company in the process of rapid development and the complexity of the market environment to find a more meaningful future strategic direction. 3, from the trading volume, car source shelves and conversion rate and other indicators, the seeds of second-hand car straight selling net is now in the best stage of development, but also provides the biggest arena for the elite and strategic master, welcome more fresh blood to join, and Mr. Yang Haoyong, Mr. Chen Guohuan and other seeds Ren together to help more families China get more cost-effective car! Melon seeds used cars sold in August 2016 (Editor: Tang Yalong)相关的主题文章: