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The Ministry of housing city flood control pilot denied failure sponge: non immediate original title: Ministry of housing city pilot denied sponge failure of JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhao Peng) the day before, there are media reports, in the past the flood, undertake pilot city 30 city city waterlogging ability enhancement sponge task in 19 appeared waterlogging, some argue that the sponge city pilot failed. Yesterday, the Ministry of Construction official website issued a document pointed out that the sponge city construction will not be immediate, overnight, the Ministry of housing, said the person in charge said that the current sponge city construction is still accelerating. The Ministry of housing and Urban Construction Department official said, according to the "guiding opinion on promoting the" sponge city construction, 2020 City built-up area of more than 20% of the area to achieve the objectives and requirements, to 2030 the city built-up area of more than 80% of the area to achieve the objectives and requirements. In the pilot process, the new city adhere to the goal oriented, in accordance with the requirements of stormwater runoff control, rainwater local utilization, solve the coordination between city construction and water security, water resources and water ecological environment of the old city; adhere to the problem oriented, combining urban shantytowns and urban and rural reconstruction, the old district renewal so, in order to alleviate the city waterlogging, governance, the smelly water city heat island as a breakthrough, to improve the living environment of the city. At present, the sponge city construction is accelerating, through the pilot city innovation and construction model, to explore the successful experience, and these mature practices, models to promote landing, the responsible person. Xie Yingxia, vice president of Chinese water city planning design and Research Institute also believes that for extreme heavy rainfall caused by waterlogging, must calm analysis, must not be on the sponge city construction to accuse, or even simply deny. Xie Yingxia said, there are sponge saturated, so the sponge city in construction engineering facilities is a standard, in the standard before to ensure effective. It is understood that in 2015 and in 2016, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of housing, the two part of the water to determine the pilot cities in the city of 30 sponges. Editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章: