More than half of the respondents favor the introduction of the United States nuclear weapons Sohu n

More than half of the respondents favor the introduction of the United States nuclear weapons – Sohu news [Global Times comprehensive report] looks like it is difficult to retreat from this round of the peninsula war, and the increasingly tough voice appears in South korea. According to "Korea Herald" reported that members of Congress said South Korean Foreign Affairs Committee of the unified long Luo Qingyuan 15, told a local radio interview, "it is time to consider all possibilities, including the North Korean regime change", "in this enduring threat, we shall decide whether the DPRK regime will reach a consensus as a dialogue partner". A day earlier, "Korea Times" commented that the time to tell the truth, North Korea could not abandon nuclear weapons, South Korea regardless of the "sunshine policy" or "trust" policy has failed to close the Kaesong industrial park is a turning point, South Korea should consider seeking North Korean regime change, as in policy. "We can’t borrow our umbrellas from our neighbors every time it rains. We need to have our raincoats and wear them ourselves." 15, the leader of the new National Party Congress of South Korea’s ruling party, called on South Korea to develop nuclear weapons to deal with the increasing nuclear threat and missile threat in North korea. At present, South Korea is one of the signatories to the nuclear non proliferation treaty. In 1991, the United States withdrew its nuclear weapons from South Korea, but South Korea was still under the umbrella of the United states. South Korea’s new national party lawmaker Chung Mong Joon 14 in his blog on proposal to temporarily withdraw from the "Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty", "said by the declaration or agreement we are not the past, nor its binding, must once again recognize the seriousness of the North Korean nuclear issue, seek the solution of the". 15, South Korea, a number of media announced the DPRK policy polls. South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" said, according to whether South Korea should be the development of nuclear weapons or the introduction of American tactical nuclear weapons, 52.5% of the people agree; Korea International Radio, KBS and Yonhap jointly launched a poll showed that nearly 50% of respondents think that we should strictly deal with North korea. "To Korea DPRK relations, closing the Kaesong industrial park is a nail nailed on the coffin, which means farewell to the" sunshine policy "which is guided by the dprk." South Korea, "Central Daily News" 15 reported that in April this year, South Korea will be the congressional elections, toward the policy will become an important issue in the election. The article said that in November 1987 North Korea in the past often influence the South Korean election, "two North Korean spies made Korean Airlines flight 858 in December 15th of that year," one spy was arrested in South Korea, the conservative candidate Lu Taiyu won the presidential election. Russian newspaper 14 said that the situation on the Korean Peninsula continued to deteriorate, the Korean government has asked the public to understand the location of the shelter, at the same time, when attacked, to close the home gas, water and electricity, and ready for food, water and other necessities to the air raid shelter. The US South Korean military has also prepared for the DPRK’s military strike, and all the troops in the border area are in high combat readiness. [global times in Korea and Japan, Emmett about reporter Wang Wei Li Zhen Shaw of Global Times reporter Cui Jietong Jin Huizhen Liu straight]

韩政要鼓吹朝政权更迭 超半数受访者赞成引进美核武-搜狐新闻  【环球时报综合报道】看上去朝鲜很难从这一轮的半岛交锋中全身而退,极端强硬的声音越来越多地在韩国出现。据《韩国先驱报》报道,韩国国会外交统一委员会委员长罗卿瑗15日接受一家地方电台采访时表示,“是时候考虑所有可能性了,包括朝鲜政权更迭”,“在这种持久威胁下,我们应就是否将朝鲜政权作为对话伙伴达成共识”。此前一天,《韩国时报》评论称,到了实话实说的时候了,朝鲜不可能放弃核武器,韩国无论“阳光政策”还是“信任政策”都已失败,关闭开城工业园区是一个转折点,韩国应考虑寻求朝鲜政权更迭,作为对朝政策。   “我们不能每次下雨时都从邻居家借伞,我们需要有自己的雨衣并穿在自己身上。”韩国执政党新国家党国会领袖元裕哲15日呼吁韩国发展核武器,应对朝鲜日益增加的核威胁与导弹威胁。目前韩国是《核不扩散条约》签字国之一。1991年,美国将核武器撤出韩国,不过韩国仍在美国的核保护伞之下。韩国新国家党议员郑梦准14日在其博客上提议研究暂时退出《核不扩散条约》,声称“我们不能被过去的宣言或协议所迷惑,也不能受其拘束,必须再次认识到朝鲜核问题事态的严重性,寻求现实的解决之策”。   15日,韩国多家媒体公布对朝政策民调。韩国《朝鲜日报》称,针对韩国是否应进行核武开发或引进美国战术核武器,有52.5%的人表示赞成;韩国国际广播电台称,KBS和韩联社共同展开的民调结果显示,近五成受访者认为应该严厉应对朝鲜。   “对韩朝关系来说,关闭开城工业园区是钉在棺材上的钉子,象征告别以接触朝鲜为导向的‘阳光政策’。”韩国《中央日报》15日载文说,今年4月韩国将进行国会议员选举,对朝政策将成为重要的选举议题。文章说,在过去朝鲜问题经常影响韩国选举,1987年11月,“两名朝鲜间谍制造了大韩航空858号班机空难”,当年12月15日其中一名间谍被韩方逮捕,次日保守派候选人卢泰愚赢得了总统选举。《俄罗斯报》14日称,朝鲜半岛局势继续恶化,韩国政府已要求民众了解所在地防空洞的位置,同时在遭到袭击时,要关闭家中的煤气、水和电,并备好食品、水等生活必需品前往防空洞。美韩军方也已做好遭朝方军事打击的准备,在边境地区所有部队处于高度战备状态。   【环球时报驻韩、日、美特约记者 王伟 李珍 萧达 环球时报记者 崔杰通 金惠真 柳直】相关的主题文章: