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Most people in Hongkong support the interpretation of "independence elements was eventually cast aside the original title: the majority of the people of Hongkong to support the interpretation of" independence elements by the end of the mainstream public opinion by reporter Ling Detao Aoki Chen Jing Su a short real interpretation of law that "Hongkong’s long-term self-determination" Hong Kong Independence molecular sit. May be deprived of the seats Zhu Katie, Luo Guancong,, who held a press conference on the 7. Zhu Kaidi said, Beijing by storm oath abuse of power of legal interpretation, "Xiufaduo over interpretation", "the democratic movement of Hongkong tailored political net". Prior to the announcement of the news released by the National People’s Congress, Liang Songheng declared on the social media war, he threatened to be principled, no bottom line approach, does not rule out any way of fighting. The "Oriental Daily" said, under the beam, the tour and opposition politicians led some Hong Kong Independence elements to impact by repeated outbreak of violent clashes with the police. Reported that, in the parade, a lot of people in black masked battle, apparently someone eager to repeat the riots even occupied a scene in Mong Kok, Hong Kong Independence arrogance, has become absolutely lawless. No wonder some people questioned, Hongkong continues to go downtown, in the flames of war in Iraq, Syria distance is not far away. Reported that God wants you to perish, will call you crazy. From the evening of 6 visible conflict, "diehard independence elements is a handful of people, although they do but give dying kicks, throw the helve after the hatchet, will eventually be cast aside by the mainstream public opinion. In fact, they are the last ditch, the central determination only bring order out of chaos will be larger, stronger efforts will only fight back. For the National People’s Congress released the law, the opposition recently mobilized, in addition to the evening of 6 violent demonstrations, some lawyers in Hongkong, said the 8 will launch a black parade to protest the law. Hongkong "Daily" said, obviously the opposition’s strategy to the oath of storm focus, from "anti independence" against interpretation ", to provoke public discontent, seize the" protection of judicial independence in Hongkong "the moral high ground. However, the opposition will move in vain, the reason is very simple: the interpretation of the law is to "ban alone" and protecting the interests of Hong Kong people in Hong Kong, and consistent interpretation of the law is against Hong Kong Independence excuse, how may get public support? Financial website "economic" and "clear free newspaper newspaper" the latest poll results show that for the interpretation, most respondents said that Hongkong’s "should be" the interpretation of the law. Although Hongkong "civil human rights front" and "local" groups "tickets", "wash" and other actions, but in more than 36 thousand respondents, 78% people still support the interpretation of the law. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: