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Food-and-Drink Pizza Chronicles Although pizza aficionados can gulp several slices of sauce-laden pizza in mere minutes, but pizza wasn’t developed in the vacuum-here’s the slice of history. It was founded way back in 600 B.C in Greek settlement, Naples in the year 1700 and early 1800. Basically, it was an independent kingdom known for notorious reasons like poor working or lazzaroni. Unlike wealthy people, they didn’t have an access to expensive food, so they decided to produce the food that could be consumed in mere minutes. This gave rise to Pizza- a flatbread with a variety of toppings. The early pizza consumed by the Naples, but it was featured poorly. With ravages of time pizza toppings underwent a tremendous change. Types of Pizza Tandoori Cheese Pizza-Tandoori Cheese Pizza is known for the unique topping Indian cottage cheese, veggies and spicy herbs, which can be arranged according to your choice. It is really palatable and melts in your mouth. Ingredients used are Pizza base, paneer tiny cubes, tomato slices, capsicum thin slices, onion thin slices, thick curd, fresh cream, pizza sauce, red chilli sauce, shredded pizza Italiano cheese, green chilies, ginger, cloves garlic chopped, red chili powder, chat masala, tandoori masala, oil, red chili flakes, oregano seasoning, salt, coals, iron plates Chef Tips In present times, coals are not available everywhere. So, the best way to give your pizza tandoori flavor is to cook the veggies in the pan and then heat the same on the tawa. Don’t forget to season it with dried red chilies soaked in vinegar or jalapenos and grated cheese. Vegetable Manchurian Pizza- It is one of the most sought after pizza filled with vegetables and cooked in Chinese sauce. The process of making Manchurian is similar to that of vegetable kofta. The sauce prepared for the veg Manchurian involves use of soya sauce, tomato sauce, ajinomoto and vinegar sauces that enhances the flavor and add a unique taste to the pizza. Chef Tips The gravy of the Manchurian generally gets thick if kept for prolonged time period. So, add the gravy on the Manchurian at the time of serving the same. If binding the balls is a tall task for you, then use a little bit of oil in palms and then try binding it. It really, works! Supreme Veg Pizza-The secret of supreme veg pizza lies in its delectable base. All you need to do is to spread cheese spread over the crust and drain it with vegetables like baby corn, mushroom, jalapeno and oregano. Spicy Pepper Pizza-It is an exotic pizza topped with colored pimento, jalapeno pepper, and tomato and sprinkled with delectable herbs. Nutritional Information-This pizza is loaded with battery of nutrients like protein 34gm, dietary fiber 72gm, sugars 6gm, fat 21gm. Margherita- The history of this pizza dates back to the year 1889. It was during this era Queen Margherita of Italy was served with a pizza that resembled the Italian flag, red resembled tomato, white resembled mozzarella and green resembled basil. This pizza was named after the Queen. What renders this pizza a unique taste is delicious tangy cheese topping. Ingredients used in making warm water, instant yeast, kosher salt, high gluten bread flour, ripe tomatoes, olive oil, fresh mozzarella, basil. Jain Pizza-Do you want to eat your veggies in fun and frolic way? Well, with Jain Pizza it’s possible. Ingredients used for Jain Pizza are chopped tomato, chopped capsicum,Bell peppers, baby corna point to ponder-this pizza is prepared using tawa, so shun off microwave. Gourmet Mushroom Pizza-This pizza goes ballistic on veggies. It is overloaded with succulent mushroom, capsicum and fresh tomato. Nutrition facts of Gourmet Mushroom Pizza is Vitamin A 4%;Vitamin C 0%, Calcium 25%, Iron 10%. Farmer’s Special Pizza-This pizza is loaded with vegetables like mushroom, fresh tomatoes and crunchy capsicum. Ingredients used for Farmer’s Special Pizza is olive oil, thinly sliced onion, fresh thyme, salt, black pepper, fresh mozzarella cheese, basil and cup cherry tomatoes. Corn and Bell Pizza-This amazing pizza is capped with onion, capsicum, American sweet corn and best of all it goes easy on spices. Ingredients- Pizza base, baby corn, onion, tomato, soy sauce, crushed pepper, olive oil and Italian seasoning Thus, pizza is the best way to deliver happiness and strengthening the relationship. About the Author: Patisserie Uno stands No. 1 bakery amongst all the cake shops in Mumbai and it will be apparent on visiting one of our esteemed branch. Patisserie Uno’s renders many sorts of confectionery items and all kind of cakes in Mumbai, our cakes are in great demand. Patisserie Uno not only delights your party with taste but also adds excitement to your celebration. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Food-and-Drink 相关的主题文章: