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UnCategorized Multiple income streams are something not many people understand, but there is nothing mysterious about them and in today’s economy multiple extra incomes are essential for your financial well being. You see right now if you have a day job you only have a linear income, that is a single income coming from one source, if you lost your job tomorrow, become sick all of a sudden your income will grind to a halt. This is where an extra income would come in handy. With multiple incomes you set up a number of ways to bring you in cash that are all different and not dependent on your efforts. With the internet it is possible to set up automated incomes that are all fully 100% self running so that you never need do anything to maintain your multiple profit streams once they have been put in place. Your first automated income can be set up in as little as an hour and you can duplicate the little money machines so they make money online around the clock for you once in place. One of the best places to set up an automated online income is on eBay selling information products, specifically DVD information products and CD information products. These are products with low production costs and high profit margins, so each one you sell makes you over 10 times production cost. Selling information products has the added advantage of not having to hold any physical stock since you can publish on demand as orders come. Online you will find a number of publish on demand companies who will produce your products for you. Some of the online publish on demand companies although mainly based in the USA will ship world wide and offer incredibly quick production and shipping times. Many of the publish on demand companies can also be fully integrated into your automated eBay business, so once a customer buys from you, the company handles the order. You can sell the following products and have multiple incomes coming in from: Selling DVDs Selling CDs Selling software on DVD or CD Selling eBooks on CD-Rom or DVD All the above are examples of information products and you can set them up to make you incomes from ‘Buy It Now’ listings and Auction listings. To get started with selling information products and setting up multiple automated incomes, all you need is a resell rights product to sell and keep 100% of the profits from, an eBay account and a publish on demand fulfilment account which you can get for free online if you do a search. It will take you about an hour the first time you set up a product and fully automate it. With listings being able to be ran for 7, 10 and 30 days, you can set your automated income products up on 30 day cycles and relist them monthly to keep bringing you in an income. Some information products will bring you in better incomes than other products but they all add up and once automated you can keep adding to them and make more money. I hope you have found this multiple income streams article useful and use the information within to set up your own automated internet business. About the Author: Home Working Jobs and Work From Home Expert Simeon Tuitt, can help you start your own Home Business and make extra income. You can learn how to start your own home working business from the Home Working DVDs, CDs and eBook products at Simeon Tuitts site. Work From Home Working Jobs Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – UnCategorized 相关的主题文章: