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The "test" written over   an average of 55 people competing for 1 positions – Jiangxi channel, November 27th, 2017 institutions directly under the central authority and its civil service recruitment examination written public subjects concluded. The examination of our province test area is located 37 sites of the 1156 exam, a total of 34635 reference. Our province area number of reporters learned slightly over the weekend, and has "the institutions directly under the national examination" of the central authority and its civil service examination in 31 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) of the more than 900 sites simultaneously written, nearly 1 million 500 thousand candidates to participate in the examination. Statistics show that the "test" refers to institutions directly under the more than 120 central organs and units and the management of the civil service law, plan Zhaolu of more than 2.7 people, 1 million 486 thousand and 300 people passed the examination, the examination ratio reached 55: 1. The central unit in Jiangxi is recruiting more than 500 people increase over last year, recruiting units including the State Taxation Bureau of Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi Province Communications Authority, Nanchang customs 16. Among them, the tax system is still the first recruit "major", Zhaolu a total of 335 people, the total number of the province recruiting accounted for more than 60%. According to reports, the province area a total of 34635 people participated in the "national test" written more than 2016 years, the "test" an increase of 1345, of which above the provincial level comprehensive management of 2890 people, administrative law enforcement, city (to) the following comprehensive management of 31745 people, professional examination subjects refer to the number of 4880 people. Two papers in different administrative occupation ability test and Application on the subject, the examination scores of vice provincial level (above), the position of two papers (below). It is reported that the deputy provincial and municipal papers from expanding, deputy provincial papers speech comprehension reading 2 articles appeared, the paper appeared 1 logical reasoning materials of 5 parts. The relationship between the number of parts, the paper 5 math operations less than sub provincial papers. To take the exam in Nanchang third the test center candidates Xiao Jiang told reporters that this year the difficulty is moderate, the administration occupation ability test in common legal knowledge to examine more, more recently formulated or revised laws, and the reality of life is closely related, such as the "criminal law amendment (nine)" "charity law" etc.. How to examine the humanities knowledge Chinese traditional cultural knowledge, such as ancient poetry. The test technology is a high technology or knowledge of life, such as spacecraft, garbage classification etc.. It is reported that in the sub provincial administrative examination occupation ability test questions of common sense, there are a lot of questions relating to science and technology, such as the Long March two rocket and lunar rover etc.. In the essay questions, "water" has become a keyword, require candidates to test according to the "ecological water poverty +" mode, "water teacher" theme of writing. According to the arrangement, the examination of the public subject written examination achievement and the minimum passing mark line in mid January 2017 in KaoLu project website. In the western regions and remote areas difficult position, basic position and special professional position, the relevant departments will be the policy tilt in the demarcation of the minimum passing mark line) “国考”笔试结束 平均55人争1个职位–江西频道–人民网   11月27日,2017年度中央机关及其直属机构公务员录用考试公共科目笔试落下帷幕。本次考试我省考区设37个考点1156个考场,共有34635人参考。   我省考区人数略增   记者了解到,上周末,有着“国考”之称的中央机关及其直属机构公务员录用考试在全国31个省(直辖市、自治区)的900多个考点同步进行笔试,全国近150万名考生参加此次考试。   统计数据显示,此次“国考”涉及120多个中央机关及其直属机构和参照公务员法管理的单位,计划招录2.7万余人,148.63万人通过审查,即考录比达到55∶1。   本次中央驻赣单位共招录500多人,较去年有所增加,招录单位包括江西省国家税务局、江西省通信管理局、南昌海关等16家。其中,国税系统依然是招考第一“大户”,共招录335人,在我省招录总人数中占比超过六成。   据介绍,我省考区共有34635人参加此次“国考”笔试,比2016年度“国考”增加1345人,其中省级以上综合管理类2890人,行政执法类、市(地)以下综合管理类31745人,专业科目考试参考人数4880人。   两张试卷区别大   在行政职业能力测验及申论科目中,本次考试均分副省级(以上)、地市级(以下)职位两张试卷。据悉此次副省级和地市级试卷区别扩大,副省级试卷言语理解出现2篇文章阅读,地市级试卷逻辑推理出现1篇材料5个小题。数量关系部分,地市级试卷比副省级试卷少5道数学运算。   在南昌三中考点参加考试的考生小蒋告诉记者,今年地市级试题难度适中,行政职业能力测验中常识部分法律知识考查较多,多是最近制定或修订的法律,且与现实生活联系紧密,例如《刑法修正案(九)》《慈善法》等。人文常识多考查中国传统文化知识,例如古代诗歌。科技考查的多是高新科技或者生活常识,例如航天器、垃圾分类等。   据悉,在副省级试卷行政职业能力测验常识题当中,有不少试题涉及科技前沿,如长征二号火箭、月球车“玉兔”等。在申论考题中,“水”成为关键词,考题要求考生根据“水生态+扶贫”模式、“以水为师”等主题完成写作。   按照有关安排,此次考试公共科目笔试成绩及最低合格分数线可于2017年1月中旬在考录专题网站查询。对西部地区和艰苦边远地区职位、基层职位和特殊专业职位等,有关部门在划定最低合格分数线时将予以政策倾斜。 (责编:罗娜、毛思远)相关的主题文章: