National security three battle of the Shanghai team Hao took the green giant stunning 7 cents on Hon-hyuna

Three battle of Shanghai Guoan team scored 7 points to Hong Kong – amazing Hulk revenge to help Sohu super sports highlights – Thunder Dragon break Hulk scored two on the Hong Kong 2-2 Hong Kong 2-2 Guoan Guoan Hulk scored two the night of September 9th, 2016 in the twenty-fourth round, the Hong Kong Shanghai 2-2 draw with Beijing Guoan home court. This is the third time this year, the national security League staged the Beijing Shanghai war, the current war 2 wins and 1 flat unbeaten. Hong Kong star Hulk two months later returned to the plum to open two degrees, it is stunning enough; the Hong Kong Youth and lack of experience, AFC Champions League failed to distraction, revenge. The face of Hong Kong did well, played 7 times in the first 4 wins 2 flat 1 negative only in 2013, had the opponents in the 3-0 swept away. The two teams meet for the first time this year, Aishen due to injury in the body in Ji’an, opening only 9 minutes the same injury was substituted, the final match that Hong Kong lost 1-2 away. Who sits on the Hong Kong home court, is also looking forward to tiaola Guoan completed revenge. The Hong Kong double combat situations after 6 games unbeaten, including 3 League home court recently, the Hong Kong and Yongchang Jianye, Lifan consecutive victory, 3 games scored 14 goals. And on the 11 quarter of this season, the League home, made a record of 7 wins, 3 draws and 1 losses, but also look forward to the home with the help of revenge. The port not only occupy the terrain, and there are people. Although both sides are out of the main, but the good news on Hong Kong is huerke finally return, the game Hulk played 90 minutes and scored two, but he was unable to help the team get 3 points. I wish him in next week’s game on the Hong Kong AFC Champions League help bursting into the semi-finals! A draw on both sides is: to the satisfaction of all Hong Kong Shanghai in 5 consecutive games unbeaten, increase the confidence to AFC Champions League, Guoan 4 victorious but also avoid losing streak. The Team Guoan present the score at the bottom of the five Super League teams in the north of guangzhou. But the first half with the score of 2-1 Guoan beat Hong Kong and former coach Manzano led the League three war Shanghai Shenhua, this team has scored 7 points. Of course, the October 26th Shanghai World War II 4 is a test of the national security guards, can get out of it? (Chen Zhiyong)相关的主题文章: