Net about car price rise, said a number of platforms due to tight supply and demand liuxiaobo

Network about cars "price" more than the platform said that because of the tension between supply and demand – Sohu news Ms. Wei from the nearby South Sanhuan near the taxi to Peixin street in July when, in the basic cost of 15 yuan to 18 yuan. By September, the same section of the cost of more than 20 yuan. The city’s new car has not been implemented, but the network about the car market is anchaoyongdong, recently, a number of net about car platform quietly canceled orders of preferential subsidies, passengers also shrunk dramatically. For users the most sensitive to the cost of the car is also gone, the reporters found that the same distance at this stage car prices to 10% increased by 5% than before August. Although the recent rise in passenger car prices have not yet been found around the landing policy, but as drops, easy to, such a platform for China’s enterprises have started to adjust the new regulations about the car about the network. Drops with excellent step China merger, easy to add additional services, China vigorously promote the car safety system, car market, increase about cars. But for passengers, the most sensitive change is the price of the car. Who lives near the South Sanhuan Wei past with excellent step from the family home in a taxi to Peixin street near the estimated price in 22 yuan, the estimated price premium in yesterday no case into a 28 yuan. Ms. Wei read her itinerary before, this route in July when the cost of basic 15 yuan to about $18, but in September exceeded 20 yuan. Feel the network about the car price more than a Ms. Wei, who lives near the left Ann bridge Jia often play excellent step to the White Bridge Street near the company, usually cost 5-7 yuan, but in a better step one week after the merger, he found that the price suddenly turned into a 13 yuan, to catch up with the taxi starting price. Used to express by Ms. Jiang also felt the price increase, her route from Tiantan near the east gate to Muxidi, nearly a month of the fare from 30 yuan rose to nearly 40 yuan, "the feeling of double frequency", she said, usually late at about half past eight taxi is a normal rate. But nearly half a month she has met several premium. Car platform to cancel the driver subsidies price increase is more than drops and excellent step, the public Ms. Wang recently use easy to car home from the unit, she found the car prices unexpectedly last month than the same travel cost nearly 30% more. The reporter interviewed several car drivers, a car drops the driver told reporters that the price is not adjusted but their passenger subsidies basically cancelled, now occasionally in the morning and evening peak have orders subsidies, but also very little. This time last year the car every month subsidies to 5000 yuan per month, now only 6000 yuan left hand." The driver said. A driver headed about car told reporters, now Tongli prices are higher than in July. From the airport to your home, probably more than 90 yuan before it, and now have a more than and 100." The reporter calculated, according to the first steam now charge 100 yuan to return 100 yuan, equivalent to 50 percent off cars, after the discount price and ordinary taxi almost. Yesterday, the reporter sampling drops, easy to China, BTG that several of the car order, the same period of Ying相关的主题文章: