Network red collection order! Who is the University of Hubei to have to pay for the people-vidown

Network red collection order! Who is the University of Hubei to have to pay for the people? Who is the most fire Hubei red? Live, chatting, dry cargo, maybe you are the next in red net! Tencent Tencent, Tencent United Chu network video broadcast, Betta live and many other platforms, launched the "Hubei the first college of electronic payment, the payment day festival we play something different, as long as you live, love love can share participation, share your experience and pay thousands of web friends in broadcast platform! Activity cycle: from now on -12 months. A total of: looking for someone who has to pay to get the people, looking for someone who has to pay the most people, college students favorite electronic payment products TOP10 survey, awards ceremony and electronic payment products exhibition three stages. Looking for a Youfan pay Master Yan clike here [1], Master collection: collection range: students in Wuhan universities are invited to participate, as long as you dare to show love, share! Participation: participants using a mobile phone and other equipment, to live a "convenient payment" as the theme of the video on the betta live platform, content focused on convenient payment, mobile phone payment, the bank can include web, mobile phone pay and other content, when the length of 3 minutes. 2, network voting red TOP10 content: "early voting for Yan Youfan paid Master candidate video will show in the special big Chu nets, and vote on the PC side, the mobile terminal, with live video popularity and users praise the votes decide the top 10. Selection rules: Live popular 35%+ mobile terminal 35%+PC terminal 30%3, TOP10 voting polling network marketing task PK airborne red campus by users praise the top ". Youfan payment Master TOP10", will pay the product marketing PK game on campus, to decide the ten players successively ranking, according to different places for different rewards. PK content: "the red net" and the bank team to do the task, each player through a ballot form, choose electronic payment products for their endorsement; and to team up with bank staff this product is recommended, electronic payment products to the teachers and students on campus. At the same time the whole process of the live broadcast, the promotion of the integration of the line to pay the amount of installed capacity of the product and the highest amount of live video is the winner. Scoring rules: the amount of installed capacity of 55%+ live broadcast 45%) PK location: Wuhan will be selected in the city’s 2 colleges and universities, held two games. Awards set through online voting and offline marketing tasks PK, players will be ranked according to their different access to different levels of prizes. First: iPhone 7 (128G 6188) second: iPad Air2 (64G 3380) Third: Apple watch sport (38m 2188) fourth, 5: No. 6-10: 2000 yuan bonus bonus 1000 yuan in addition, this event will directly qualify for the top 3 also organized the first big Chu "Hubei red day" the final stage of the race, the winner will be selected for the big Chu million red net develop promotion plan, signing official Betta anchor, red net personal brand promotion advertising and professional training institutions in South korea. The electronic payment section will be launched: College students.相关的主题文章: