Nonduality How To Attain Oneness-g-area meru

Meditation It is important to realize that separation is not your natural state. You are not separate from everything and trying to get to oneness. You are doing separation. You are actively separating yourself from this moment. Through defining, describing and judging you separate yourself from everything. And I am not saying not to have definitions, not to call a chair a chair. Because all of this happens anyway. This duality happens in nonduality. It is not one or the other, it is the same. But because you latch on to the definitions you do not see the essence of what is here, you do not experience the oneness. Because you are identified with the thinking, separation is all that you see. It is not wrong to do this, but if you want to be free of stress, of anxiety and conflict, it is important to realize you are doing stress, you are doing anxiety you are doing conflict. Because the mind is so active, it appears that separation is just occurring and you are simply a victim of suffering hoping to reach nonduality. But once the thoughts begin to slow down and things be.e more in balance, you begin to recognize this action of separation, this action of creating yourself to be a something against everything else. Something that needs to be protected; that needs to control everything else in order to survive. And when you clearly see this, you can learn to stop doing it; you learn to let it go when it arises. Whatever arises, instead of taking a position in it, instead of grabbing hold of it, you simply allow it to arise and disappear in the same way bubbles rise up in club soda. Bubbles arise in water and disappear in water. You feel the bubbles arising you experience the bubbles arising but not as something separate. You allow the bubbles and remain as water. You allow whatever to arise out of oneness and disappear back into oneness. You stop fixating on definitions and remain in and as the unknowing. The easiest way to experience oneness is through Shaktipat, also known as Deeksha. Usually you would receive Deeksha by being initiated by an enlightened master. But you can also now receive this same Shaktipat/Deeksha through listening to a unique CD. Click on the "Enlightened Spirituality CD" link below to listen to free samples and experience this Shaktipat for yourself. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: