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The original Sohu and Xiamen – so fresh seafood stall type in such a special category: Dongshan seafood stall in Zhangzhou, tubular, Dongshan Island produces wave fish and other seafood, cooking simple cooking sea fishing approach. The flood stalls gathered in the new home "Dongshan Bay Seafood Restaurant", "Wan" in Taiwanese is the meaning of the original, the original really Dongshan seafood flavor, from raw materials to cooking, from fishermen to chefs from Dongshan, Dongshan shipped directly to seafood seafood, let diners taste the most fresh sweet Dongshan seafood. Ba Lang fish mezze will shine at the moment, Dongshan wave produced by the ancient fish, without any added dry naturally only ocean flavor, a little salty entrance to chew, after taste is more and more rich, both with porridge or wine, is a kill. Production of tubular brised Dongshan tubules found that many food stalls in Dongshan Bay boiled or poached, also, we had not the same as the original oil stew, braised dishes, but will make the meat more compact tubular more full flavor, a bite, the tubular (paste) in rice mouth burst, full flavor of the pleasure. Steamed salted mackerel mackerel and then steamed fresh simple rough sprinkle some salt on the fishing boats, home production, only the most fresh mackerel dare to steamed, compared with dry Q shells fried steamed compact, more fine sweet waxy, fresh and infinite aftertaste. Stir fried Asparagus flower Dongshan Island not only produce seafood, another specialty is asparagus, asparagus flowers are not common, compared with the taste of the asparagus more crisp. Braised pig to eat at the same table friends in the process of saying: I eat a pig can taste in Minnan people’s eyes, pig tins is not a derogatory term, but with a good memory of the taste buds, like the pig is spiced with star anise and other seasoning, and letinous edodes stew to very bad, is full of memories of childhood. Pickled bamboo dogfish soup sour bamboo shoots acid and shark seemingly conflicting with each other but fresh points, very love this soup, perhaps the home often do because of it, if the sour taste some more foot again better than this. Tiger eel pot steamed fish boss Huang Feihong heroes old razor inserted tofu相关的主题文章: